Atlas Duskfall Season - Official Discussion Thread


Dragon Lords,

Please use this thread to discuss and/or ask questions about the Atlas Duskfall Season Announcement . The actual announcement will remain locked to make it easier to see changes by staff or any updates.


Where’s Malus’s skill tree…? :t_rex:


any update for the gold rewards adjustment? since previous season gold reward goes beyond what you can carry (for low storage level mostly)

I’m sure that a lot of people are waiting for this one aside from the dragon rider


Yay, no huge wait this time!


Any tentative date on when Summer Season prizes will be issued to the top 25 teams?


found it here

edit: maybe. The image name is “Atlas+Summerflare+Season/Swann+Dragon+Rider.png” so … :woman_shrugging:


Oh, you’re awesome!! Thank you :green_heart:
Edit: Huh. I have no idea then. :no_mouth: :t_rex:


@Henfon, Malus and Swann have the same skill tree. The tree has been added into the forum post.


@arelyna when will the prizes of last season be distributed ?


@Arelyna The blog entry has the wrong sigil types.

What item(s) do I use to claim prizes in the Atlas Duskfall Season?

In the Atlas Season, there will be Atlas Summerflare Badges for claiming Seasonal Progression Prizes. Please note that Atlas Springveil Badges can no longer be used.


@JaorbTNP, thanks for the catch! Sometimes little things fall through the cracks when putting on both the forums and the blog.


I’m SOOOO glad I waited and did not get Swann. I’m getting this dude tomorrow. :smiley:

(sorry to anyone who likes Swann, I hate pirates)


So no changes to the Atlas season mechanic? The person who put in all the effort for this coming season deserves a bonus and pay raise :flushed:


I would without sarcasm agree with that assessment. This was my first season of Atlas and I quite enjoyed the bounty I reaped. Tinkering with things only get them effed up.


I’m curious why they are giving us two “low” pieces of gear this time and saving the two remaining “high” pieces for the final season instead of giving us a low and a high piece together as they have for the first two seasons.
I guess they are wanting the last season to be a blow-out with two of the best pieces?


Only time will tell…


When will current season prizes be awarded. It’s ok to release the custom avatar at a later date if that’s helpful. We won’t complain. :slightly_smiling_face:


I’m curious about that too.
I won’t be able to nab two full lines (probably) so this season I might just go for the blue shards… :t_rex:


Probably right before the new “insert name here” gear is released that is better than elite.


I’m slightly worried they will spread the last two pieces over two seasons, and shove something else in as the midway price for those seasons. But time will tell.