Atlas Duskfall Season - Official Discussion Thread


It shows 2 pieces in each line so not sure where you are getting only one elite gear in a thread


I believe they are talking about the shield and weapon. Those tend to give more buffs. This season they are doing boots and pants. Up until now we had 1 high piece and 1 low piece.


I’m pretty sure the weapon and shield haven’t been shown at all. Those are the only remaining elite pieces after duskfall season, so we’ll either have a season with way way better gear than the three before, or they’ll split them over two seasons.


Gotcha, that makes sense.

Don’t give them any more bad ideas to implement people…


Why not get both?


Well maybe one day. :slight_smile:

It took me almost all season to get through Swann’s line though, so I think I’m going to go for some elite gear this season.


OK Awesome, I’m soooo excited Malus = Swann :roll_eyes:

I have all the shards for swann but never got him because I was hoping for something better.

Is there any way to use extra blue shards from both seasons to max out all 3 Warrior + Hunter + Sorcerer? I’d rather use additional blue shards on one rider then spend the same amount getting both.


Will the donation to the bank increase? Having it locked at 325k is kind of annoying and tedious.


This season I went for Elite wind gear ‘cause I was hoping that this Duskfall season’s rider would be better… aaaaand they’re exactly the same. Of course. :t_rex:


The skills are the same. That is all that is the same.


Yes. Was hoping the skills were going to be better or at least different. :t_rex:


I actually don’t mind that they’re the same. Swann has the hunter buffs and Malus will get the sorceror buffs. :8ball:


Fair point. I don’t have a lot of drahons that I use so I like to make my rider decisions carefully. :t_rex:


I really hope they fixed the gold overflow on prizes. I lost so much gold this season. @Arelyna can you comment on this or do I have to wait until tomorrow?


I was actually counting on them to give out the boots and pants, got the other Elite 4pcs for ice defender and legendary gear maxed for shield and axe, Glad I got something right.


Yeah I’ve got legendary boots for my Oksana… probably could be good to get these two for my Tanok but hey, I want to get somethin’ new and a rider could be perfect for the next hunter this season. Imma wait though :eyes: :t_rex:


From a practical use perspective, aren’t skills everything? Or is there something else? Not that I’m complaining. I appreciate the flexibility of the skills tree (except for the rider xp buff, which is largely pointless).


His Att/Def stats are 13/12 respectively and with either the extra ammo or rage boost, it’s a very good rider for almost any dragon.


whats with gold prices?



Which branch did it refers to? The prize branch or rider skill branch?