Atlas Duskfall Season - Official Discussion Thread


I’d go with prize branches…


Is it safe to say that Malus is another Swann? (Identical skill)


PG did say identical skill trees :woman_shrugging:


Looks to be so.
Dumb question: How many badges does Swann/Malus cost? Sure hope it won’t go up for Malus :upside_down_face: :t_rex:


But the only thing the same is the skills. /s


Why all the important announcements are announced when I sleep? :persevere::expressionless::sleeping:


150k badges


Wow I was 100% unproductive this season. Looking at it I almost got the first 100 blue shards. Ahh…:expressionless:


Hey, I only completed one line (the wind defense gear) and in the main-game I’ll probably only be able to get 1 dragon. It’s okay. :hugs: :t_rex:


Presentase Malus and Swann is the same? 13% atk power and 12% HP dragons?


Yeah I decided after Cav’s discount ended that I would save stuff for winter season. There will be a mythic sorc and if the whole 2 mythic dragon thing is kept the second may be a hunter. Plus I am holding out for some cool designs. Algor and Snowdrop are still some of my favs in the game.

On topic: I had Atlas the whole season. I should have at least had half a line done.


Might as well since they ruined the seasonal riders. I’ll get both for sure. Swann for Pathox with hunter skills and Malware for Corthanak with sorc skills.

@Arelyna any word if the atlas season will still have normal gold prizes or if the communities’ concerns were heard and we’ll be either getting gold packs instead or the ability to send said gold to the new team bank?


Cause you sleep in the wrong time zone?


progression… better gear… higher cost…


Yes except the gear from this past season was actually better than the gear from this upcoming season. They are taking a step back with this move, but then either the last season will be huge (with 2 high value pieces)- or they will be extending it one more season with only one high value piece each. That would mean that each of the last 3 seasons would have less value than any of the first 3…


:thinking: Does this include the primarch buff lines? Those are easy to get… Then again, it’s just a portrait, it probably doesn’t matter much.

I’ll be going ham this season since I don’t have much else to spend my time on :stuck_out_tongue: 2 gear branches + rider feels doable with some grinding!


It’s on Blog


This is true, I bet the weaker 2nd piece of gear in Duskfall costs the same to reach as the stronger pieces without better prizes to make up for it too :roll_eyes:


The Part Where it says ’ * Players who fully complete any of the branches will receive this portrait at no additional Duskfall Badge cost’’ what branch are you talking about?


The season branches. Like the rider, armour etc