Atlas dynamics and glory suggestion

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This is an approach to fix atlas dynamics and glory farming opportunities

Whats wrong with atlas at the moment?
Currently barely anyone is satisfied how it works. Due to politics and huge alliances mostly nothing happens and when something happens its usually sandbagging. Glory farming is reduced to NML Aligane or if your teams politics allow you can snipe other non-ally castles. Some teams do bubble parties when theres a castle with only a few troops.
New teams only get shitty lvl 2 castles which are accessible from safe area which makes them a prime target for glory sniping, I think this is a really bad handicap for new atlas teams. Higher ranked teams hide at safe areas with allied castles surrounding them so they cant be attacked easily securing their atlas rank or hiding behind low rank teams (meatshields).

Things people want to be changed:
More castle dynamics, less alliances, less sandbagging, more equal competition, more glory farming opportunities (and further glory scaling).

The idea is the following:
Every week youre pitted against the team +1 and -1 of your current team power rank (or a random number between 1 and 10 so you have less fighting the same teams). Since team power is depending on the base power of each team members highest dragon the fight should be pretty even (people with a certain tier of dragons are usually in the same level range).
If your team is engaged in atlas war with the 2 other teams you can fly with your primarchs directly to their castle, all castles of the enemy teams will be accessible without safe zone acces). No hiding behind low teams anymore. Glory is 100% for all targets which are at least 80% of your level. The atlas war lasts for 1 week and afterwards the enemies are shuffled again.

Thats the basis. Further tweaks could be:

  • Once a castle is won via atlas war you have it protected for 4 weeks if you have another attackable castle during the next war.
  • Teams can choose to skip every other atlas war, reducing atlas burn out syndrome for teams burning out easily. With this concept it would make sense to get rid of protection of castles during pvp events. If people can skip 2 atlas wars per months its the same time of peace/break as it is currently with pvp protection.

Happy to hear positive criticism! Nay-sayers and Its-always-been-like-this-sayers please dont post and keep it constructive.

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What would be the incentive to fight these specific teams? Could allies join in? I suspect a lot of teams would try to make peace if they could rather than risk a loss.

The mega alliance and lack of incentive to fight are the root of what atlas needs to deal with. And maybe defensive glory so being attacked is less punishing.

Smaller issue: gotta consider homeless teams and their unlucky opponents.

Maybe the higher your atlas rank the more castles you can hold? Current teams with a low rank and more castles than they will be able to hold keep the castles unless lost to another team. Then they cant win it back because theyre still over the maximal number of castles they can hold; And/or atlas rank reward system with badges, diamonds, glyphs etc.

I would say no the cant join, during regular castle attacks they can still help defend or attack other common enemies. The new atlas wars would not replace current dynamics. However I think the current dynamics would become redundant in the face of the new atlas war action.

Firstly I think with forced atlas wars and the incentive of being able to hold more castles hence more atlas boni, egg tokens, speedups, troops etc. I think there wouldnt be peace for long. Secondly maybe make a ranking system between the teams that idk depends on troops killed between the 2 teams in war. The one that kills more enemy troops gets +10% troop production for 1 week. Both ongoing wars results would stack. If you win both get +20%. Something along those mechanics.

Question is if this would get rid of the mega alliance?

Yep, fully aggree.

How would this solve Mega alliances? (not saying this sets out to do that, just that it’s one of the things called out needing fixing).

Any game that FORCES me to do something is a game I question wether or not I wish to continue playing it. If war dragons FORCED me to do wars (main game OR atlas) then I think that would be the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back. I’d tell my team “Sorry, I love you all, but hell no, I’m not doing forced wars.”

If you want to completely get rid of mega alliances then forbid all other war activities except for weekly atlas wars. However I dont believe this is the way to go.

Probably it will be enough to incentivize winning the atlas wars so that you dont want to keep being friends with every single enemy you battle.

If every team fights weekly atlas wars in their power bracket ±(1-10)ranks of team power it means they have teams that are actually not that easily beat and they will spend more troops on those wars. Right now most diamond teams pile up troops because nobody is attacking them due to all the peace treaties. If they have to fight enemies on their eye level they wont have much troops to spare to help others.

This is how it would decrease the significance of the mega alliance problem.

I can see alliances opting out of the “wars” and just doing their own thing. Although I definitely appreciate the concept and if teams did participate having it run weekly between main game events might be interesting… How would this affect teams without castles to attack however?

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