Atlas Eclipse Season - Official Discussion Thread

Atlas is experiencing the full effect of the Eclipse! Let’s grab a mead and talk about it… we have some non-alcoholic mead and lamb’s blood for the youngsters.

What do you think about the new Atlas season?
  • Atlas(t) my love has come along (positive)
  • Atl(e)as(t) you don’t HAVE to play Atlas (neutral)
  • Atlas(k) me again when I’m done crying (negative)

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That rider looking good :chunk:


Hooray for another offensive rider!


For mythic defense gear, gauntlet, boots, ring and weapon is a copy paste error I hope?

That’s what we have this season. I don’t need those.


He looks like he’s Cree. :eyes:

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I might finally change my avatar :hushed:


Offensive gear too. Souldance had the same gear.


HP gear again? Was this an error or are they doing the same as this season again?

I think it’s time to start offering an entire set of mythic gear in a season. Many people have no use for yet another set of defensive gear so it would be nice if we got the option to claim the other half of the offensive mythic set if we finish the defensive line. This half a set a season makes it difficult to finish gear while dragons are still relevant. Instead of doing half offense and half defense, give us options so one mythic line has Offensive Dragon HP or Defensive Tower HP gear and the other has Defensive Tower Atk or Offensive Dragon Atk gear to choose from. I’d be a lot more active if I could get a full set in a season but I dont need more defensive gear

Also the rider looks like one of the Engineers from Prometheus sporting Apocalypses’ armor


@PGGalileo So no new primes at the start of the season? Will we just have the 1 rider to use to earn event points with yet again?


Hey everyone, wanted to give a quick update that we’ve made an addition to the post regarding Blockade Time Reduction.


runs to check it

This is a step in the right direction :+1:


@PGGalileo can we have information about the amount of skill points this rider has
Also can you show the tree similar to this

Eggtoken did show us this ( for xandra) so pg clearly can help us figure out

  • The rider looks pretty good! The portrait looks good as well. I just have one thing to say, and I may regret this… it looks kind of like you, Galileo :eyes: … the face does.

  • Thank you for reducing the blockade time!


YAAASSSS :raised_hands:t2:
Thank you for addressing the stagnation with the reduction!
I hope this also helps with small teams that hold gates getting bullied by much larger teams trying to get to the big teams behind them.


This won’t be enough to stop me from farming plat teams, Sorry

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U big booly

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That’s awesome! Thanks.

Did just the cost of the mythic line go up or are all lines increasing in cost?

Edit: Nvr mind I get it now. It’s all except prim boost lines :sweat:

Really hope it’s a mistake, will totally screw the season for me