Atlas Eclipse Season - Official Discussion Thread

Although this isn’t a great solution there is a serious issue in shortening the season during the last vital days, if anything atlas downtime for updates for new atlas season should occur on the front end During a pvp event not when shields are typically down and atlas attacks on castles etc are accessible.

I see this as a huge timing error, and something that should be corrected in some way. @PGGalileo.


Especially with the extended downtime due to IPhone12 errors.

Okay he’s the lord to the game bow too his will then :joy::joy::joy:
Edit: still do see that gear error too. The stat buffs look like a good match for future mythic hunters but I’ll plant him on ZelNoth

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Reducing blockades is a great step in the right direction! Still a bit worried about the details but very happy about it. I can’t wait to pay a few visits to hidden teams/castles who used lower teams troops to protect themselves

I was hoping this might be announced with the start of the new season. Could we please get an update ? Or on a delay for a glory based event like it’s been suggested?


Which teams are eligible to obtain atlas? @RamenWithSoup


What time??

I know I mentioned somewhere that the mail came after the bubbles which left me confused-and it sucked lol

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Any Info about new primarch Tier?


Was just pointing it out.
All be it a rhetorical question, I don’t get any of my glory from NML for quite a bit now

Another copy paste season? No new prims again? What about the Prim event? @PGGalileo i can assure you that u wont see me throw another $ into elite, you guys allready screw us for over a year now without rewards.

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Nothing new, season ranking still as static and meaningless as ever.

I didn’t finish my atlas season this time for the first time in two years because it was just too boring a grind and there’s nothing in there I really want or need. Grinding out glory for another 4000 scrolls prize just gets old. I guess with nothing changing I won’t be doing much more this season either.


Yep getting pointless, may also skip the defense branch this time. I cant use all sets i allready have. No new ideas, copy paste since 1 year…
@RamenWithSoup here is a look how Prim event is looking for a year now for many Teams, when is this going to be adressed?


Do YoUr GoLd RuNs

Joking aside - it’s not pretty :see_no_evil: Horrible event


when will we get a new primarch tier?

I’m really hoping they don’t extend the pvp downtime again so the last 3 hours of the season are actually fightable, I was on my last flippin prize so I’m pretty frustrated right now lol.

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Why is pvp still down since update im on last prizes of this season mythic gear and want to finish it. And I don’t want to use diamonds for badges its bad economy choice

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The only positive thing about new season is blockade news. Glad to be able not punishing some plat teams for being unfortunate at the gate.
That’s about all good. The rest is boring and unappealing as usual.

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Be careful what you ask for. A new tier is not the best solution, if it only adds reiteration of the same four prim types with increase stats.

As discussed here


This new atlas season cannot start as long as we did not get the appropriate time to reach our goals in the last atlas season!

When it says the season ends in 5 days you have to end it in 5 days and not 2 days before because you think you have to make an update of stuff no one asked for!

Make a revolution of prices one can get from atlas chests and in the branches (no one needs crafting scrolls for the next 1-2 years I guess!)

Stop killing the fun we have playing the game.

@PGGalileo and/or @RamenWithSoup I think the community would very much like to hear more definite plans about new prim tiers, more and more highly active atlas players are running out of rewards to claim - please enlighten us :slight_smile: