Atlas Eclipse Season - Official Discussion Thread


I’m just sayin, the points are there if you want to work for them. :see_no_evil:

Oh come on. Even if you maxed your gold per day it wouldn’t amount to much in the event.

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I sure hope this not your normal opinion on things. If so I would be rather worried with you representing me in the GPF.

So is there a plan then so those of us with nothing left to level can actually earn realistic points in the prime/rider events? Some people have been missing out on these events for over a year. That’s a lot of timers going down the drain because we cant even participate.

Perhaps consider adding in another gear leveling event to Prime leveling so we can actually participate?


We are going to investigate a different fix to the event for which players want those new primarch tiers/levels - but beyond that I’m not sure what’s going down just yet. I wouldn’t expect an answer before early Jan.


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glory event!?


Mmm sassy. There are many opinions in war dragons. My opinion my not always mirror your beliefs.

In this particular instance, I don’t believe new prim levels are the answer because let’s face it, you’ll just do a few guard swaps and demand more prim levels.

Rider and primarch training is the atlas version of the feeding event. It needs to be retired right along with feeding for something more fun and productive.


I would gladly take Gear leveling every week monday-thursday. I hate having to wait another 2 weeks to finish the gear I was working on. At least temporarily it would be nice

I agree, it is the atlas version of feeding and waiting to level/hire primes and riders is stupid.


Just being real.

What you just said is very different than


Those statement sound more like “tough sh!t get what little crumbs you can”.

If this was a relatively new thing it would be excusable to not have an answer. This has been ongoing for months though. There is not an issue about putting new dragons out every couple of months so people have something to go through, so what’s the difference here?

I think you know me well enough to know that most of the time I am somewhat of a silly goose.


I think you’re taking his comment WAY too seriously. I read that as a joke


Geese are just ducks that have traded their souls for more power. Canadian Geese are what is left after the Avian Devil has come to collect


So glad you mentioned this.

I actually did a detailed study on this this morning, but it was mainly for procrastinatory purposes so I hesitated to publish.

Key learnings: Points are scaled by the percentage of the base completed. You can reach an extra achievement or two by saving multis and completing beasts to 100%. Reach more by grinding if you really really want to.

Points earned summary. A full day of runs is 20 beasts, using the 30x to 11x gold multipliers:

  • Full day of multis at 100%: 2,460 points
  • Full day of multis to 74%: 1820 points
  • Extra runs at 100%: 30 points / run
  • Extra runs at 74%: 22 points / run

I make no value judgement here except the % scaling is lame nickel and diming. I have not attempted to consider the value of monument drops from those runs or value of alternate uses of your limited time, healing potions, and marbles.

Edited for readability?

With 23 invader runs per day including using all multis (30…11) and completing to 100%, a dragon lord can expect to reach the 10.2k points achievement, 8th of 30, and acquire 99 slightly tarnished bronze 1-hour speedups of 735 available.

The 5th achievement (57 hrs) is trivial if you tend to do your multis even to 70%.

The 6th & 7th (70 hrs and 84 hrs) achievements are reachable by going to 100% and using every possible multi during the event. It takes about 5 extra runs per extra hour of speeds to get through the 9th checkpoint (114 hrs!), ramping up beyond there to 60 extra runs per extra hour of speeds for the final achievement.


I have decided to hold off spending Indefinitely due to PG’s broken promises :smiley:


It sucks not being able to get points in the leveling event. We need new primarchs more then we need a reduction in delays

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Last time you mentioned primarchs that they where coming out in December

I’m glad they are not adding further prime levels due to power creep and issues they create for new players entering the map.
However that does mean pg needs to either supply a event where points are attainable by all or some way for players to temporarily score point until the event can be pulled and replaced!

I for one hope this means pg will be streamlining our overly complex attack mechanics to reduce the lag it produces.


You do you, bubba. I fully empower people to be in charge of their own destiny. And I understand the frustration.