Atlas Eclipse Season - Official Discussion Thread

The only positive thing about new season is blockade news. Glad to be able not punishing some plat teams for being unfortunate at the gate.
That’s about all good. The rest is boring and unappealing as usual.

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Be careful what you ask for. A new tier is not the best solution, if it only adds reiteration of the same four prim types with increase stats.

As discussed here


This new atlas season cannot start as long as we did not get the appropriate time to reach our goals in the last atlas season!

When it says the season ends in 5 days you have to end it in 5 days and not 2 days before because you think you have to make an update of stuff no one asked for!

Make a revolution of prices one can get from atlas chests and in the branches (no one needs crafting scrolls for the next 1-2 years I guess!)

Stop killing the fun we have playing the game.

@PGGalileo and/or @RamenWithSoup I think the community would very much like to hear more definite plans about new prim tiers, more and more highly active atlas players are running out of rewards to claim - please enlighten us :slight_smile:


I know how too solve that use a few extra diamonds too finish it up I had a little left so I technically opened 13 chests with diamonds just a tiny bit of your diamond supply.

I don’t imagine allowing the current Atlas season to overlap the Treasure hunt phase would be too much of an issue. Good coordination and the new season could start on the 17th, although since it’s pvp I don’t think too many people would be upset about losing one day of the new season during pvp…


Unfortunately, I think we are out of luck on this one. The only comment I’ve seen from PG about this was:

It wasn’t even “standard downtime” because it happened on a Monday when releases have historically been on Tuesdays. The in-game message arrived AFTER PvP had already been disabled. Then there was an issue with the release, so the disabling of PvP was extended. Even IF PvP is enabled with the current timer, we will have less than 3 hours to finish our season.

Currently 3hr 26 min on the PvP timer and 6h 14m on season ending.

@PGNines @PGGalileo I really think we should get some kind of response about this, even if it is “sorry about your luck”. The lack of communication on this is inexcusable.

This has happened too many times through too many seasons. Address the problem by making changes to the end of the season so that players can plan and act accordingly without a curve ball thrown in unnecessarily.

Proper timing would make this a moot point and I’m not sure why PG sets themselves up to fail when this situation could easily be fixed by moving the season end date to Monday… it’s not that there are two less days in the season that is the problem, it’s that the two days advertised as being available and part of the season are not available.


IF course I can use 500k diamonds to finish the rewards but I did not buy atlas elite to then use diamonds…

IF it was only 13 Chests I am shirt I would not bother. Also my prim I wanted to Level had 1k glory to go and I wanted to do it Monday…well… :roll_eyes:

As we said: if season is ends at date x you cannot make it end 2 days earlier!! Then frommster beginning make it 2 days skortet and no one will complain!!

My suggestion was specific to Kate who only had a few to go.

Who is making the last few portraits? give he/she a pay raise this one looks amazing and the ice queen from sorc.

WE need Silver 3 / Gold i have made 1 upgrade for at least a quarter most likely half a year and get Atlas raider even if i dont need it / partial just to get some points.

i see so many with bronze and silver 1 so creating Gold with same buff % would be bad lev 25 destroyer and sieger kills everything, i dont know the kill vs loose when maxed siger attacks bronze.

i would be happy with Silver 3 if they only had increase movement speed / max troops or something just so we can get some points in event, not get any points in 1/4 event hurts ALOT


@PGGalileo with the end of the current atlas season now showing over a day when will the new season start?

New season starts Friday.


Anyone get update or detail to this request? Chomping at the bit here.

The rider, Archelus, has been released in the game, if you have the shards you can go get him.

That skill tree… Either it has 255 or 230 skill points and you can get all the skills (or all but the ammo) or it is a garbage rider

I’ll use it as a replacement for Kayla to raise the babies


Is the troop train issue to do with the new atlas season?

Looks like you have to choose ammo or rage, sucks you can’t do both, would be amazing rider if that were the case

If so then he’s worse than the last 3 offensive atlas riders

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If you can’t fully max it then Pg should consider moving the rage where the experience gain is, Personally

With xp potions so readily available, experience gain on a rider is pretty pointless

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