Atlas Egg Tokens

Ok so via my last post I came across an idea that I think has a lot of merit, not sure how exactly it could be coded around to be included into the game but I personally think it would better reward the active decent teams in atlas then the current method does.

My idea would be to remove egg tokens selection from the daily castle atlas rewards, replace it with diamonds or gold packs or farmers.

Instead of egg tokens being calculated from castle ownership, have egg tokens calculated by what teams you have hit and who has hit you, so for example if the best teams in the game are hitting you or you are hitting the best teams in game than you should be getting the max egg tokens allowable.

Connected to this I believe atlas season benefits should be calculated similar, rather then castle ownership which tbh with how castles are atm is abit of a joke anyhow, so you could basically receive atlas season points by what apr ranked teams you hit instead of castle ownership.

So how this could work you ask? Well I think you would say get a point per troop killed similar to glory event, don’t include attacks in nml, don’t include castle guards, don’t include any atlas action used in pvp shields or maintenance shields, have punishments for any teams that try to run trapper/taunter castle swaps out of pvp shield to get easy points.

So with the 1 point per troop killed, you would get bonuses depending on the apr rank of the team you are hitting so for example -

  • apr 1-10 times it by 20
  • apr 10-20 times it by 15
  • apr 20-50 times it by 10
  • apr 50-100 times it by 5
  • apr 100 and below no multiplier

These figures could also be multiplied by the glory percentage of the team being hit by the player, so for argument sake if you are hitting a apr 99 team and they are 70 percent glory then your points would be troops killed times 5 times 70 percent.

And with these calculations say it does it weekly it would calculate your total points for your team, which would transfer to like an egg token schedule

  • so if you get 2000-4000 points then you get 800 egg tokens each day for the next period
  • 4000-6000 get like 1000 egg tokens
    Etc etc

Figures are really only for examples would really need to look at what type of bonuses would work best and figures, but seeming pg tbh is not going to restrict teams from hitting down and restrict teams from hitting teams within alliances, maybe this would be a better indicator for the current atlas environment, would mean the best active teams get rewarded for being hit by the best teams and also be rewarded for hitting the best teams. Would also mean teams who get hit by really high apr teams then they would be rewarded by the next period with higher egg tokens, and would mean that team whose hitting down get rewarded by a lower egg tokens than a team of thier caliber would get if they hit teams thier size.

It’s a pretty raw idea atm but I think it could help to reward teams fairer then castle ownership seeming pg can’t control mega alliances or who teams hit, but they can reward teams in a different way so teams who are hit by teams they can’t hit back are rewarded for it so might make it more sustainable, plus may make teams more likely to hit thier size or higher.

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Would be manipulated by swapping hits on castles with allies of various APR.


What’s disappointing is that players can find the exploits versus the ways to improve upon and idea. So what is your suggestion if you think kades concept has merit.

Unfortunately every mechanism we can come up with can be manipulated in some way or another.

It seems however that the idea kinda simplifies down is to base rewards on APR, and base APR on glory team glory earned (ie castle guards don’t count). Obviously this APR mechanism can be manipulated just like any other (probably even more so), so other factors would need to be incorporated into the calculation (e.g. base dragon AP, and potentially average level of top 30 towers a player owns whether on base or in storage)

This is an over complication to an easy problem. However, having any real core changes made in atlas is unlikely at this point, when after all this time, PG thought adding more castles was the answer. So let’s look at the actual issue and see what we can think of productively.

Issue: current reward structure rewards defensive style of play. As intended by our core objective.

Solution: stop creating mandates in the game that do not exist. Kills are rewarded in the game via glory. Team rewards are earned via castles held. It’s quite simple. All other issues IMO would require a complete change to how the game works.

What we really need to look at is what we want out of atlas. Currently, it’s glory for gear castles for eggs. Every team does what’s best for their teams to achieve team goals or whatever. Atlas is an open world where players come together and play a game of war. How you personally define this is irrelevant as it differs player time player, team to team. The game allows this freedom of choice in play on purpose.

So what should change in the game? That’s a more difficult issue, often debated, and for years have produced nothing.

I personally dislike APR as any measure to the game. Atlas rank is a much more accurate measure of a team and should be used for glory %. This would also come with a slowing of game content to get most of our player base to end game though. Unlikely to happen.

I would like to see castle guards non hirable and every castle you take have max infra max guards. As you loose guards you lose infra levels. This would create castle turnover and increase fighting IMO and reduce guard swaps.

I’d like to see the old map be phased out for a new map. Often.

So honestly, the real issue isn’t how to we tweak our current situation but what new atlas would we like to see. And honestly, if you want more tokens go take any of the dozens of pirate held castles in new lands, or old lands. There’s plenty to choose from.

I don’t really get into the whole hypothetical, “let’s design a new atlas” fantasies… but I do love this idea. Getting players to seek greater difficulty rather than easier rewards really turns me on. (keep it to yourself swmm lol)

And this is where I said if teams are caught doing this, which would be very easy for pg to catch then those teams get punished with something like zero egg tokens for the next period

How likely do you think PG will punish them? :sweat_smile:

I’m not even going to keep my hopes up.

PG have so many real problems to fix in game and atlas , how do we expect them to keep track of who is swapping / using a loophole to get the benefit here .

I like your idea but in a real game world , how would one actually track who is killing enemy Vs who is swapping with friendly teams ?

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We all have alerts now, I know a few people who could write codes to check for this, and we can take ss’ and film. Who wouldn’t wanna dob in some teams they don’t like if they know they are going to get punished? Muhahahaba

If it’s automated that’s okay but having to do more work and spend more money for alerts to track others from doing things is more time than I wish to spend on the game :laughing:

That anyone would even care enough to think about screenshotting this epitomises the issue.

There is no way of reliably knowing when a hit is a swap, and no company in their right mind would want to open up the can of worms trying to police this would entail. I can’t even fathom the incessant and petty arguments that would result from this.

Also, to make this idea anywhere near fair these would need to be based on APR above/below a teams APR, not absolutes.

I understand you want to be rewarded for getting hit by Dom, but shouldn’t a team ranked lower than yourselves by a similar margin also be rewarded an equal amount for getting hit by you?


My examples of values are just examples to have people see what actually I was talking about, yes if my team was apr 50 then you would get rewarded by us hitting you, and if you apr was a lot lower then ours then we would get rewarded a lot less, so arguably if we hit only you for one cycle between calculation, then your team would get more egg tokens then ours for the next cycle.

Tbh it is very easy to know if it’s a swap or not, like I know most teams in game and I know who don’t hit each other, if that changed then something like this type of idea wouldn’t need to be introduced.

And there are a lot of teams that hate each other in the game and would be glad to catch another out to get revenge lol

Yeah, but you knowing it is one thing. Proving it is quite another.