Atlas elite and Atlas update

So… Will we be getting reimbursed for our atlas elite time? Last time atlas went down they didn’t extend our atlas elite for the time we were unable to use it. I submitted a ticket in game… But was told to post it here. So… Will the active atlas elite accounts be extended for the time atlas is down… Or ripped off again?

I am pretty positive that that message saying to post here is an automated message…

Yes, you will receive the time back for the time Atlas is undergoing maintenance. It is automatically added to player accounts.


Nope it came at.fter the automated one… but you could be right…
I just think it’s BS to not give us what we paid for… Again and again

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Itdidnt last time

Please PM me about it @PusslnBoots

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Ok just got in game reply stating we will not be given the time lost. If I knew how to post a photo here is show you


Oh… Heeey

Did you see post 7? It says she won’t be getting an extension?

Btw I have like 4 Support Tickets awaiting response.
So many glitches in atlas while claiming prizes.

Support at its funny best as usual :rofl:


Classic support fail…
Left hand says one thing…
Right hand says another…

Yeah support is probably not the best at relaying accurate information.


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