Atlas Elite Cost

Can developers make it so that Atlas Elite is only $10 a month instead of $20? There’s no doubt Atlas Elite is good, in fact it is really a pay to win subscription. But $20 per month is a lot of money to devote to a mobile game. I think $10 a month is fair and accurately coincides with most subscription services out there. I would recommend that developers give it a try and see how many new players purchase it. If enough people agree and do purchase it, then revenue wise they come out ahead. And like I said, you really do need it to progress in order to train many troops in a day and level up primarchs.


They already tried, they basically said that it wasn’t worth it for them


Elimination and elite status remaining is far more profitable until it isn’t……
Yes they tried it and didn’t let it balance out because that will cost them revenue short term.

They will need to switch to slow growth revenue once these mechanics fail to hold profits up! :man_shrugging:

So I am retiring and will wait and watch until the day comes they decide it’s time to run damage control.

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