Atlas elite fill hats

how about when you purchase atlas elite and go from 800 to 2400 hats, the game automatically puts you at a full 2400? What is the point of buying atlas elite during troop building if you just gotta wait hours before your hats are full?



You don’t have to wait until troop event begins to purchase and you can purchase elite before it runs out now. So this sounds like a personal problem to me. :man_shrugging:


so basically you pay 19.99 for atlas elite, and they aren’t generous enough to actually fill your hats, just leaving it to take hours to refill, even though thats the whole point of having atlas elite?

you could have just not bothered to reply. This is a QoL issue, for something I"m paying for.


I also pay for it. You’re not the only person involved. And quite frankly it’s an easy fix on your part and there are so many other things they SHOULD. Be fixing. They just had a QoL top ten list created. Where was this suggestion. At least try to get it on that list if it means so much, so they can officially ignore it or shoot it down.

In the future buy it just after you empty your hats. Then maybe you won’t be so cranky

Sure he can manage that, but I don’t think his request is unreasonable.

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Well the way I see it, it kind of screws the people who are the most adamant atlas elite users. It would be a feature very likely to be abused. Basically, those of us who keep our elite always active, would now lose out on the benefit of free farmers because other people can’t manage their own atlas elites to keep it active. Not to mention the addition of this would encourage people to purchase atlas elite on a weekly basis.

So unless they make monthly atlas cheaper than weekly atlas I would prefer PG not consider this. It’s an unnecessary feature tha benefits the unorganized


you’re being obtuse, and you’re wrong. i purchase atlas elite monthly, however it ran out during the night last night. now first thing in the morning when hats are typically full, i have to wait.

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And you could have pre-purchased to avoid it. If you purchase monthly you know that happens. I typically reload 1-5 days early depending on what day of the week it occurs. So what exactly did I say that was wrong? I never specifically stated your habits. I merely pointed out that it benefits the disorganized, which you have not disproven.

Obtuse means to be “annoyingly insensitive or slow to understand.”

I have demonstrated an understanding of your complaint. And “annoying” being a subjective concept makes it an insufficient word to carry weight in this discussion. Especially given my insensitivity is due to my having been in you position before. But my mistake, which cost me mere hours, taught me to take advantage of our ability to stack elite without losing money to easily prevent this situation.

So hold your hostility and support your argument better.


When you already have atlas elite, you do not need to refill hats if at 0 when you purchase.
If you do not currently have atlas elite and you purchase it, your hats should fill to 2400.

You get what I’m saying here? They have the tools in place already to avoid what you’re talking about. Your suggestion that this is only because a) hackers/abuse or b) plan better sure sounds to me like you just want to be annoying and argue things that don’t really affect how you play the game.



I never suggested this was only for hackers and abusers. Hackers would not worry about this at all because they’re hackers. And yes this WOULD be an enticing feature for people to let their weekly elite run out before purchasing it again. You get an extra free refill, why not do it?

Again, it would only benefit the disorganized and not really benefit those of us who plan ahead and keep our elite active. They allow us to stack for a reason, to prevent the very situation you were in if you really get the monthly. So I see this as entirely unnecessary given they already supplied us with a mechanism to prevent the situation you found yourself in…

We have a special snowflake here wow.
Sit down and wait like everyone else.

To play devils advocate, would it be bad if purchasing atlas elite (whether expired or keeping current) hats refill?

Going from 800 to 2400 np, refilled.
Going from 2400 to 2400 np. Use those hats up and get a free refill.

Free hats for all.


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