Atlas elite - make it stackable

Can PG do something about the ability to re-up your atlas elite before it expires? We’re able to stack elite(buy elite, before it expires), but we can’t do the same with atlas elite benefits . It sucks when you log in to do troops, but elite expired and now you have to wait a couple of hours to get back up to 2400.

Also, can you add the Atlas Elite benefit to missions? Give us a bonus for completing missions with atlas elite enabled.


I’ll go one better…why do you have to wait? The diamonds are cool but why not refill my hats when I re-up? It’s not a massive bonus…what’s the worst thing that could happen? Someone uses all their hats , re-ups Atlas elite for another 2400 hats . 2400 + 2400 is not going to be the difference in whether or not a castle is lost.


still hoping for a 1-yr pack. :pleading_face:


Request acknowledged (ID 91693). Not so sure about mission bonuses though. That’s its own discussion for later.

:frowning: what of 1yr pack…

Maybe! You’re not the first person to request this, so it’s definitely some feedback we’re taking into consideration.


how much longer time does the managing team need to make a decision? :thinking: it’s been asked since the release of atlas elite… :disappointed:


It’s also possible that the company realizes that people like me will cough up twenty bucks a month pretty easily, but when you’re looking at that $240 price tag, it seems a little out of hand for a phone game. There’s some fancy psychology name for it, but that won’t stop me from pretending that twenty bucks isn’t adding up to $240 :crazy_face:

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