Atlas elite pack nerf

okay I know its very similar to another thread. HOWEVER the other one is in the atlas exclusive part of this forum where I for some reason cant post…

I want to make my opinion heard so again: new topic. how about you keep it open for everyone like me…

ever since PG introduced the pack I bought like 2-4 packs per month. Ive been building troops every hour except during sleeping hours, which account for roughly 5-6h.

with the new halfed value I wont buy it anymore because I really dont support PGs nerfing policy where EVERYTHING is made worse over time. atlas is boring af without elite. I enjoyed myself a lot having enough troops with elite to farm glory and make progress with atlas branches. guess thats gone now as well.

thanks pg. not!!


Thanks to pg for saving my money :moneybag: #nomoreatlaselite

  1. try logging into the forums from your device account, it will unlock the Atlas section for your use
  2. Follow up in that thread :slight_smile:

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