Atlas Elite pack top up

I was just wondering why do I have to wait for my Elite pack to run out before I buy a new one. Surely it would be better to buy a pack for a top up before the other elite account runs out. Just curious.


You don’t have to wait for the elite to expire completely. You can successfully top up any time in the the last 24 hours.


Really? Never knew that, thanks.

No you can’t. I tried with a few hours left on mine and said I had to wait

The last time I had to wait until it expired. They might have changed it for some reason.

Smh… makes not one bit of sense…

Last two months in a row I have been able to top-up in last 24 hours. I’ve tried prior to this and it won’t let me. I do it so I don’t lose the extra 8000 hats at expiration time.

To help get clarity, I asked support and got this reply. If this is true, seems like I fluked and changed the elite type I bought (I do alternate between 7 and 30 days sometimes).

Probably because PG did say in the past that if ever Atlas Elite gets changed, you have the right to decide to re-new or not once your current one expires. I think they don’t want to see people purchasing 1 year worth and then complaining if ever there was any changes that he/she doesn’t like.

Doesn’t work. I tried up to 1 hr before mine expired, couldn’t purchase. Had to let it actually expire, lose 8000 hats, before I could renew.

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