Atlas elite packs for a year

Would be much easier for some players, like myself who live paycheck to paycheck, if we could purchase a year of atlas elite, or at least be able to purchase multiple time to stack like main game atlas.
Myself and my wife play, so some weeks I dont have the resources to keep both of our accounts active with both elite and atlas elite.
So pls give us a yr pack or allow us to purchase multiple atlas weeks.

PG will never reduce a year of Atlas Elite to $99 which is the max per transaction Apple allows.

Not going to happen.


Also if you’re struggling for money maybe don’t spend on a mobile game.


You could do 6 months for $99. Then you are getting slight deal and only have to worry about it twice a year.

Clearly the Aus store does not have that restriction… AUD $160 at a massive markup for yearly elite.

Even if they could do it, they are likely to not for the sheer fact that it would be a giant price tag. The smaller lots of a monthly make it more digestible and less likely for someone to reject the whole concept due to expense.

Well 1 usd is ~1.5 aud, so… the number makes sense as it isnt off by that much. :confused:

It does now that our market is so poor but that conversion rate has always been the case. Many other currencies pay more for packs after currency conversion is taken into consideration.

At the rate big players leaving game, i dunno there will be many that would buy an 1 year Atlas Elite. Most dont even plan more than a month in advance anymore.

Just spend your hard-earned cash onto something more valuable than a pixelated, bug-bugged, glitch full game :face_with_hand_over_mouth::face_with_hand_over_mouth::face_with_hand_over_mouth:


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