Atlas elite questions


So im a little confused. I used to be in a saph 1 team and have an established atlas profile. I moved down to plat with friends and are getting added to the expansion. So with atlas elite it says new players will get a 7 day free trial of atlas elite after they complete the tutorial but existing players dont. Im confused why i wouldnt be allowed to try atlas elite. When everyone else that had atlas got to try it for a week and new players get to try it for a week. But i wont? Pg explain. Unless i am missing something ! 1531952074395|690x387


Your question has been answered here


Thank you. I couldnt find anything on the topic. Before. :+1:t5::blush:


What is the deference between elite account and atlas elite…as of now i avail elite account 365 day


Elite account influences main game, atlas elite influences Atlas.


If you purchase atlas elite, the Atlas developers get to claim the profits :rofl:


Don’t know if it’s in wrong topic or it has been answered yet. I updated the game to last version (v4.50.1) and when i search for atlas elite pack i can’t find it, i ask my teammates to see if they have it and they told me that they have the option to buy it. I bought 8 days ago and worked fine, today i can’t find it anywhere. I don’t know if anyone else having this issue or is only for me.


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