Atlas elite 🤣 what a joke

Atlas elite is $5 per week at “75% off” :rofl::rofl::rofl: PG… you’re telling me that $5 per week is discounted? :rofl: There is no hope, atlas elite shall ruin everyone’s wallets, and it’s discounted hugely already (supposedly) lol


Skip a fancy Starbucks drink?


I’m a broke college student that doesn’t drink Starbucks or any overpriced coffee :rofl:


I’m a broke grad student so I get you, but the value is absurdly good. I don’t have it, and I am starting to hate atlas lol. But that’s what they want.

Edit: I just mean that the value is that good that not having it is horrible, this isn’t a complainy post.


Eat more Ramen for 10 cents a pack (if bought wholesale)?



True :rofl::ok_hand:t2:

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$5 a week is a small take-out meal. I’m sure most of us spend $5 a week on some junk food, coffee, etc etc

$5 is small beans. I’ve skipped eating out for lunch at work once a week. I don’t miss it and the atlas elite doesn’t break my bank.

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Eh… I stand by what I said.

It’s a “good” deal. But I refuse to give PG another cent.

Oh, and silver primes ARE breaking the game. You may not notice it yet, but give it some time.

I called that when they released the numbers. And some teams have already stopped using them because they were losing troops too quickly.

Genius way to end the game though. Squeeze that last burst from those still spending, and let the whole thing implode.

Fortunately, the part that truly made them break the game was changed… So, most players will keep using bronze.

I don’t care if elite is a good deal or not. It’s a good deal only because we’re comparing it to.what PG has normally charged for things.

Objectively, it’s a normal deal, and almost everything else is a tremendous rip off.

Edit - - yes… I jumped around… And I said both yes and no. It is intentional. I’m trying to recreate the feeling of the devolution of the game.


I’m actually somewhat surprised PG has never been in trouble over their supposed “75% off” or similar claims. Many jurisdictions have laws requiring that such claims have a basis in fact which I don’t see here. Curious.

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My main problem with the Atlas elite is that it encourages you to be in game almost non-stop with the hat regen rate. I love that it is boosted and how much gold you get with it but I am not paying $5 a week for an hourly commitment. It just has a completely different feel from the more balanced regular elite.


It’s okay, I bet the beta players get it for free.

If you mean the original world map beta players, then no we don’t.

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That’s why I’d rather it be as the following:

  • $4.99
  • 30 days
  • 2x gold bonus
  • 2x hat rate
  • 25% off training time
  • 2x shard payouts on poachers

That’s it, wheel the gold bonus way the hell back in, give us some shards and make it monthly (from all the reductions in bonuses)

I’d buy it every month.
I wouldn’t feel I needed to log in every hour to build troops.
Paying players wouldn’t progress 5x faster than others, only 2x and grinders could make up for more inactive spenders.

My two cents


That would make it much more balanced and feel more like the normal elite account. Personally I would never pay for it because for me $10 a month is a lot, but I completely agree with all of those modifications.


It is a mind game that PG tries to play. They pretend to think we are not bright enough to understand nothing is really discounted.

But Atlas elite is pretty much a joke. What is funny is it drives the use of speed ups more to push sales of regular packages from the store. But this game is P2W and there are a number of players who will pay the money to have strong teams.

They are amusing to be sure, their mind game giving new plat teams free elite for a week before they could get a feel for playing without it was a low blow, made me feel like atlas activity came to a complete and utter halt when it was up

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The main reason I refuse to get it (other than I have already offered enough to the PG gods and will not burn anything more on that altar) is that it reduces me to a slobbering idiot of an addict, needing to get my hourly hit and feeling like I’m not “getting what I paid for” if I miss it.

A game will not run my life, and I will not choose to feed a beast I am not sure I can control.

That is me, personally. Others likely have better self control. :man_shrugging:


What is…”self control”?


I read about in a book I didn’t finish.


No just no. I would be pissed if they dropped it to this. I do every gold run plus an additional 10-15 runs to grind out gold every day. I have been doing this since elite has been out. Why should I be penalized because people don’t want to cough up $5 a week… I got castles to upgrade, troops to heal, there is never enough gold.