Atlas End of Springveil Season Rewards


I guess they cut it down from the top 100 teams to the top 50 :pensive:


Should’ve kept this format and given us bullhorns, timers, and some crafting shards or diamonds.


@PGEggToken male/female

:bulb::bulb::bulb: is it too much to ask… pirate captain/male pirate captain/female


Who really cares about the avatars that much? Like really, it’s decorations and that’s it. Choose one from the gender that you want, or choose the style you want no matter the gender.


I suppose if you’ve killed over 10million troops to get it you’d care… :joy:


The reactions are priceless.


Tbh, I thought top team supposed to have something special
Like custom portrait or portrait with their name
And 2-animated,3-rare 4-5 common
And all other teams prizes
It’s the point of leaderboard :confused::roll_eyes:
What is the difference between 5 and 50 ranking now,if it’s same prize,and same portrait,just without hat😹
For all effort which we have put in this season,it could have be something more special (


:laughing: :sweat_smile::joy_cat:lmao


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So who were the winners who got to do this?



Winner is always PG​:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::wink:


The prizes were supposed to be a portrait designed by the winning teams. Much like the dread portrait.


I don’t know what else I can add that has not been said but totally disappointing. You guys have zero clue about incentives, worse your incentives also turn out to be lies. It’s a disgrace you should be ashamed!!!


hahahaha lol


The big guys who finished first will have 2.5 towers time free next fortification. Amaaaazing :rofl::rofl: The rest till 100 can play Sims. Next time I attack a pirate I’ll wonder if his monument is the same as mine (though most bases dont even start there!)
Amaaaazing :rofl:

Edit: and what’s the joy just to look at a different monument by the end of the base?? At least change the main base look where you do stuff. Not that any is significant but still… Smh




Hypnotize enemies I hope


personally i think its PG’s joke. Really its a steaming pile of dragon shite with a broken compass stuck in it; symbolizing what a pile of poop wd is becoming and the broken compass symbolizes pg’s broken game with not much direction

and where did that awful avatar come from; the trash bin of old avatars made when atlas beta still had ships ? you can keep my avatar and shove it…


Remember when they said original beta teams were gonna get an avatar for their help. I bet this is that avatar recycled :rofl:


We appreciate all the feedback regarding the prizing, and I have been forwarding it to the team.


Thanks for passing it on. Do ask them what happened to the prizes they discussed with the Early Birds. I have to believe these prizes weren’t the ones discussed.