Atlas End of Springveil Season Rewards


Thanks @Arelyna I’m glad pg has one employee that seems to care about the player base. :slight_smile:


The game play faction hasn’t discussed anything with regards to the atlas season ever


Sorry. Wrong group lol. There’s so many now. Early Birds.


prizes should be finalized and shown to us before the season even starts. Why work for something we can’t see? We’ve had enough surprises.


Because had we seen the sad prizes… no one would have invested time or money into the season


Unfortunately it will not be a positive FB. If you want suggestions, I would say something between the goodies of atlas chests. If you want to do something special and different, maybe giving: free building upgrades, gold multiplier boost, craft multiplier boost, xp% boost on mines, and/ or hats regen rate boost. For 6 months. A type of soft elite, not as good obviously.

Not sure if you wanted more input but here it goes :nerd_face:


I also remember this


Thought it was CUSTOM animated portraits for top teams? Naughty PG!


Well why would they give players something they actually want?


I like how they went from giving an entire dragon tier away for seasonal rewards, to a portrait and a trophy that not everyone can see.


We were led to believe we were getting something else… like a team portrait designed by us, among other things.


This is a joke right @PGEggToken ? Wasn’t the purpose of this exploit of the player base to increase interest in Atlas and try to get players to spend more on it? Then you slap them in the face with a shitty reward like this?


As we didnt end in top 5, I think its nice the rewards are like this.


And if you had ended up in the top 5? :joy::joy::joy:


I would support then ash :rofl:


Is the prizing open for discussion or is this a done deal and we shouldn’t bother ?


My guess is they actually don’t care. Otherwise they would have spend more than 30 seconds coming up with these prizes.


What avatar? :flushed:, why I don’t have one.


It’s monday today… so hopefully we will get some sort of acknowledgement that the prizes are indeed lacking the effort and reward deserved of doing well in atlas season… but I wouldn’t hold my breath


No one does but it was discussed before.