Atlas End of Springveil Season Rewards


Can I trade the avatars (yes I get more than 1 version) for the timers needed to get to 387?

That’s about 16,000 12 hour timers. (slightly not correct but everyone knows I’m somewhere in the 330s)…

I’d be very grateful for the exchange.




I mean seriously… 16-effing thousand timers.

All. The words I have right now are bad.

I go to bed.


Should have come in first. They’re so graciously giving 150 days of timers :roll_eyes:


Don’t forget the invisible monument


Idk, I still want my team-designed (custom-made) team avatar which we all expected to get, given the discussions in previous proposals. Timers will be gone in a jiffy, a team avatar (which everyone can hopefully see) will last a bit longer (again, hopefully :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:).


What I don’t get is why everyone didn’t get a prize? :woman_shrugging: We all invested some form of troops one way or another. They should have been scaled ofcourse but seeing as though we didn’t get a weekly prize for season like main game we should have gotten something. Even if it was some bullhorns and timers. I get 1-50 is what really counts and I agree they should get the best prize, though I wouldn’t count what you gave as “the best,” Nontheless everyone should have gotten something.


Well, everyone in atlas should get a virtual participation trophy. That way no one feels bad.

First place? You get a trophy!

Four-hundred and sixteenth place? You get a trophy!

Winner, winner! Chicken dinner!


“You found the Atlas button” special achievement award would be a nice touch IMO.


You mean the “you just got fisted” button?


:flushed: I know its inappropriate but that’s hilarious. :rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl::rofl:





You wouldn’t believe how many people do this by accident.
You would be even more surprised at how many people do this on purpose.


Everyone doesn’t share the same hopes for this new invention from PG :wink:


Why so?:eyes:
What is the point of leaderboard again?lol
Some teams already getting prizes for being killed
Which doesn’t request any activity (no offense and not pointing anyone specifically)
So why anyone will do new season?
To get all same prizes?
I’m sorry,but I’m pass😹


There is activity in getting killed, you have actually train the troops to put them on your primarch and defend. Regardless, not everyone on a team parks in NML some people defend and attack castles. I’m not saying everyone should get the same prizes and the same amount. If it was that then you are right, what is the leadership for? What I said is SCALED prizes. for 150 timers -10 timers etc. Giving the stupid, invisible to the enemy, statues and portraits can stay for 1-50 but to give nothing else is simple wack! Now you tell me people who know they will never make top 50 why should they do the new season???


Oki,got your point
My bad!I thought you meant that they should give this portrait to everyone In game,lol
I think we should see official prizes for every rank
So we will think if we want to go for it or no
Because everyone expected wayyy better stuff obviously




I hate it when you’re right. :disappointed:


Glad I heeded my own advice