Atlas End of Springveil Season Rewards


Guess I got flagged by those that are butt hurt ( :thinking: ) from trying my suggestion.

It’s called humor people… Come on now…


I mean why would they do anything? That would mean they gave a shit about anything other than padding their own pockets.


You’re on a roll.


purely coincidental, I assure you…



I mean I would actually like to see PG come out and say “We know these prizes are shit, but it’s all our vampiric finance department would approve”


It’s the second horn that is the problem…


To clarify, the reason that monuments are only visible to the players who were awarded them for the time being is strictly a tech limitation. Previously written code no longer can be used to grant these variable monuments. A new system to do this is being worked on. Once better tech is available, we will update the monuments so that they show up correctly when attacking a player who has been granted a specific monument. We realize it is temporarily sub-optimal, but until it is done this is the best option for the monuments. Thank you for your understanding.


Well that’s something at least. Still a bit disappointed in all the other prizes but oh well


What about the team designed avatars? No tech limitation on those. One generic avatar is just pure laziness after player have spent months and $$$ getting where they are.


So basically the difference between ranks 1 and 2-3 is 1 maybe 2 tower upgrades, and the color of a monument? That’s crap.


Sooooo worth it don’t you think? All that money, time, effort, and planning… for 2 tower levels and a “gold colored” monument no one sees… especially after enticing us with custom avatars and other goodies… bait and switch at its finest…


…you don’t really give a sh!t :upside_down_face:

  • Custom portraits were a lie.
  • The portrait you “made” is most likely recycled from the old beta days when it was all about ships
  • Flags which everyone could see were swapped with monuments that noone can see.
  • The amount of timers are a joke


Obviously they read everything and are very aware that the player base feels utterly cheated and yet all they respond to is the fact that technically the monument has to be invisible…

What a fucking joke


Laziness - that’s all it is.


When is this shipping out? I mean, right now would be a great time for the timers. Thanks.


It’ll be 15 mins after fort event ends.


Or after the first day of pvp with a new timer spending mechanic. Hahaha


FTFY :+1:t3:


Who requested that?

Was it panda?

He’s toxic. No one should listen to him anyway.

Toxic is bad, m’kay?


Why do we even bother typing in these forums? PG doesn’t care…