Atlas End of Springveil Season Rewards


Oh. I do it for a number of reasons.

All of which I will keep to myself.

But being heard is not in the list.


I have no idea why I keep participating here. :upside_down_face:


I post to learn, make some friends, and watch the game slowly and inevitably sink to the depths of the Marianas Trench by the actions of greedy, clueless developers.
Lovely way to pass the time. :t_rex:


When are the crap rewards going to be distributed? Or is that date still to be determined, and most likely forgotten?


It will come when we have forgotten about it and are already focusing on the new atlas season…for which we also have no idea what we’re going to be getting as prizes.


Another portrait! Yay!


How do you know you’re a pirate?

You don’t, you just ARRRRRRR



Well we now know that they will suck and the need to grind the season won’t be worth it for a team.


How much did a pirate pay for his gold earings?

A bucc-an-eer


Always heard (pun intended) that was for corn.



That was 12 days ago… how long is a PG week? Or are you all trying to figure how to give us even crappier prizes than the crappy prizes that replaces the original prizes?


Stop giving them ideas :frowning:


What is going on with this?


Since we’re supposed to be competing with D1 and all the other higher ranked leagues I would like to know if there is going to be some better prize distribution going on like there is for the regular season prizes. Anyone not in diamond or sapphire is basically not going to get crap because there’s no way to compete for those prizes.


I belive PG headquarters are actually on Mecury.

A week is 7 days.

I heard they may be relocating to Venus. :man_shrugging:



I think you meant to say a day on mercury is a several weeks on earth.


It will be exactly 1 week for PG, but they are moving so fast that time dilation will make it seem to us the observer as being longer.


I like that bit of educational info. Thanks. :+1:t3:


I’m too lazy to figure it out. Can you tell me how fast they are moving so we can figure out where they are.



I wasn’t clear.

A week is 7 days…

I meant 7 days on Mecury. Hence, the proposed move to Venus. A week is still “seven days”… Wherever the headquarters are. :rofl: