Atlas End of Springveil Season Rewards


So one day on Mercury = 58d 15h 30m
If you convert that into minues, one day equals 84,450 minutes. A week equals 591,150 minutes which is a bit over 410.5 days

One day on Venus = 116d 18h 0m
If you convert that to minutes (for ease of comparison to time on Mercury) you get 165,960 minutes. A week would be 1,161,720 minutes which is 806.75 days (or roughly 2.2 years on earth).

To sum it up… let’s hope they don’t move HQ to Venus :joy:

Edit: this is all assuming google did not lie to me about the length of days on Mercury and Venus… and I did my maths correctly lmao.


Where did you get your info from? :eyes:


That is crazy about Venus :flushed:


I say they just convert the speedups to 1/2 a day on Venus.

I could live with that. Assuming the number of minutes per level remained unchanged.


:joy: I think we could all live with that… except perhaps the finance department :laughing:


Try dividing 58 by 7

Why convert it to minutes when a week is made up of days.

If you are trying to figure out a mercury week expressed in earth days you just multiply 58 by 7.

If you want a mercury day expressed in earth weeks, divide 58 by 7 to get a mercury day in earth weeks.


Hey,maybe they Using “PG time”
Remember,once we saw it,when minutes became months?:eyes::joy_cat:


One day on mercury equals 58 days on earth. You multiply to get weeks. I converted to minutes because it’s easier to do the maths.


Because we were being a little silly?

And because building upgrade times are in seconds, not days or weeks or anything else. Seconds. Without research or rider benefits, those towers you and I are working on are all 5 million seconds per level.


Yes that’s not what we were doing. I had a typo I fixed though.

It was about days on mercury measured in earth days


It was about how long a “PG week” was.

I jokingly said it was 7 days, but used a different planet as my point of reference.

That’s how it got started.


Summer season will be started in August🤣
Why we even trying to find any logic in timing :thinking::joy_cat:


Yes the difference in time it takes for another planet to complete a rotation vs earth’s time. That’s what we all were pointing out.

It’s 5 o’clock somewhere


We are off topic. I wonder how many flags we’ll get out of this … :joy:


It all ties back to the topic. :grinning:


Let’s hope that we won’t get “new content” while trying to conquer new castles :pray:t2:


How about PG simply skipping Atlas Summer Season and moving straight to Fall Season and start it in a few weeks when the core game Fall Season starts as well.

@PGEggToken would that be a realistic time frame for PG to start the next season AND distribute the prizes?


Still nothing? Wow.

Are you mad we didn’t find the prizes overwhelmingly good? It seems like you’ve taken your toys and gone home just to punish us now. A little communication here would go a long way. Just sayin’.



Hey All! Sorry for the silence here. These should be going out sometime today (hopefully)!

Atlas Springveil season rewards