Atlas End of Springveil Season Rewards


Actually I’ll trade it for one of old portraits gladly


@DEATHbyPUPPIES, that is super odd! It should be fixed later today with a release we’re putting out.


We got our golden turd. Woohoo!


This is CRAAAAAP!!!


No it’s not. PG pulled a bait and switch. 150 days worth of timers. But next season is 1100 days @Arelyna why is this? Please I want to know why season 1, essentially a test, is worth less than season 2 is worth?


Everyone I hit have the monument PG… what a joke :joy: @PGEggToken


I’m pretty sure they didn’t even make it recently. It’s most likely an old sketch from the World Map Beta when it was still all about sailing ships on the water, hence the pirate theme.
That’s how much effort they put into this.


Um that’s because it’s only visible FOR people who have it. So you’ll see it everytime. Those who don’t have it won’t see it ever. So yay! Enjoy your bragging rights monument no one else can see…


I got one.

Prove I don’t…!



Oh and by the way the portrait looks female but it’s actually a dude.

Just another hidden surprise nobody will ever see :wink:


No way, men don’t have waists that small … they are straight waisted.


It’s whatever you want it to be I guess. But while the face may have some neutral features, personally it’s quite obviously a woman. Even due to facial features like eyebrows cheekbones, etc. but the features are all smoothed to a point where it’s passable as either.

But between the waist size and body stature I’d say you would be on the less popular opinion to think it was a guy, but I could be wrong.


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