Atlas Entry Lottery for New Teams


Dragons Lords,

We are opening Atlas up to a small number of teams in Platinum and Gold leagues to gain insight on how their interactions with the world of Atlas compare to other teams. This insight will help us address issues that other teams in these leagues may face when we expand to even more players.

Teams from these leagues should be aware that they may have a difficult time when first entering the world since it is balanced for higher level teams with highly engaged players. Please do not enter your team’s name if you are unsure whether your team will be accepting of a highly challenging endeavor as a whole.

Players will have until Sunday at 11:59PM PST to submit their team name, league, and sub-league to this form. Teams will randomly be chosen for entry and notified via the forums on April 23rd. These teams can expect to be added to Atlas sometime during the week of April 23rd.

To enter your team for consideration, please fill out the form by following this link:

Best of luck to all of the entries!!


Here are the teams being added into Atlas


Atlas Access for Plats and Gold
Atlas Feedback from non Atlas players aka Don’t look here PG
How do i get into Atlas wars
Started playing the game again after more than a year of inactivity have some questions
Beta -> Atlas History + Expansions

It sounds too competitive but we all can just get in atlas for free xp base and anything free
Do we really lost anything?


Application sent, UnfazeD was literally founded to climb quickly and attempt to gain atlas access in the next rollout, we have a wide range of player levels from 13-300 and we would absolutely love to take place in this experiment to help show that anyone can do well in atlas with the right team.


Nothing is free in this world. Some free stuff comes with other burdens, which can be anything from depression to irritation. :wink:


so you mean no free xp base because those xp base will give depression in someway more than the current state?


you can’t just ask for one part of atlas and leave everything else


Why not?


why not? it is the original idea I said


It will give no result


From my brief experience, lf new teams stay in a neutral zone, I see no reason why they shouldn’t be allowed into Atlas.
The major problems I see is teams already established in Atlas love the newcomers because many farm them from the regular side of the game for gold.
They’re well set up with troops and knowledge and carry a definite advantage over game strategies. how to earn the best points in events, how to war, etc.

The sooner everyone gets in the better. It really is unbalanced for them not to be there.
Be prepared (non Atlas) because everything takes a lot of work and a ton of patience and planning. You’ll want to consider skipping some events in order to build troops so you can finally try to get land.
Also be forwarned…
What to do, when to do it, how to do it are all vague. There is just sooo much PG threw into it with no explanation. Thankfully there’s help from other players out there.
For non-Atlas: Invader is a base used to farm gold so you can make troops. The nice bonus is max xp but you need to 100% kill. You have to hit it over and over…and over, everyday for gold and to make it more work, the gold quantity drops. Its a grind. You go through healpots and boosts like mad in order to get gold. Your inventory will deplete fast. No joke. Also again. No gold protection.
If (for example) you’re a level 100, invader is a level 100. You will find out very quickly if you leveled too fast for your dragons. You can’t just take a baby dragon and expect to solo it. You’ll still need follows. That in itself would be a good education for people to correct their accounts.
I don’t feel it would be any worse for them to be in there getting beat up and learning than being kept out and falling further behind.


So, I feel like it’s a stupid question, but “support ID” is that our IGN?


No its support ID which is available in Settings -> About


Thank you very much


All member in 1 teams can entry this form for access atlas?


Well worth just sitting in Neutral(safe zone) and doing the xp base,collecting the the daily Card draw and collecting gold to build the 1600 troops a day until your team is ready for atlas. No one can attack you in those zones. So i say add your name to the hat. This is coming from an atlas player.


It would be wise and funny to create a topic about last rollout. If atlas was all they expected, free stuff and all. Apart from joking, it could actually benefit the new appliers


It’s like caveat emptor, except that you aren’t buying anything. There are earlier threads about new teams getting wiped, whether being in the way, poking the wrong teams, etc.

The other thing is that adding engaged teams gives them more metrics/behaviors to look at. The further down the ratings, the more potential there is for teams to just ignore Atlas, so they might as well look for teams that at least express interest. Maybe recent additions haven’t been as engaged as expected?

(all personal opinion, of course)


Dragonsoffate. Platinum 3

    Extremely interested in Atlas.     A very active team with a large spread of members level..       We work together and fight hard.    Spend when it's worth it...
  Currently having no chance in top of platinum


dragonsoffate. Platinum III Angry Yanaris


should probably fully read. then act…