Atlas Entry Lottery for New Teams


it is a lottery with only 1 requirement. Should be in gold or platinum. Player’s choice if they want to join that chance or not.


People: This better be fair and random
PG: Posts list of randomly selected teams
People: Well our team is better and should be a special case consideration and not adhere to the randomization that occurred

Like seriously people.


Youre right.

Should there have been more requirements? Yes.

I think we were all so excited at the chance of getting Atlas to bother reading the nonexistent fine print.

So yeah, shame on us for being disappointed. Im over it. Moving on.


I totally agree and most were gold teams not even platinum


Should have been equal number of teams from each league to be fair :woman_shrugging:t4:


PGJared stated that already


Dang you’re right lol


I feel that my comment from earlier today is suddenly prophetic.


My only issue is that people were asked to only submit their teams if they were up for the challenge. Apparently people cant listen to simple instructions. In all honesty I shouldn’t be surprised we live in a world where a bag of peanuts has to say “warning may contain nuts”. Good luck to all the teams that got it. Hopefully it happens again sometime. Good luck everyone and remember fly sober or get killed by a dark flak tower…


Maybe not just getting rid of duplicates, but also checking for activity and full guilds vs half empty guilds should have been gone through as well, then randomly pick from those who actually play the game vs those who are barely playing at all. I also thought it to be strange that I saw a few ppl mentioned (jokingly to pick them) and all of a sudden their guilds names are on the list…irony? I think Atlas should just roll out for all and if they choose to play then fine, if they dont then fine. Or just make atlas a completely seperate app.


Completely frustrating🙁As xp bases are being removed or becoming deleted due to activity. This game is so unbalanced as to who gets what and why?
2. Level up rewards
Etc etc etc…

I have tried to uphold the vision of this game to so many in my team. But when everything seems to fall by or around your team it’s hard to cultivate love of the game. It makes recruiting atrocious because everyone wants atlas.

Just exasperated at this point🤷🏻‍♀️


What are sure? My team just 48 member in Platinum 2, because this time is PVP event, and 2 member is kicking because he’s have glitch


They validated entrance criteria and made sure only one entry per team. Then the teams were entered in the rng pool.


Yea but they could have chosen more then 20 teams PG knew what they were doing


I agree MAK everyone is only looking for an Atlas team at this point. I can’t tell ya how many ppl we have had join and realize we aren’t an atlas team then they bounce.


Can this be edited into the OP for convenience?

Also, will this be how teams are added in the future?


No, this will not be the precedent moving forward. This is a one-time event for us to gather performance data from a random selection of Gold + Plat teams that applied on the form to see how they fare in the current state of Atlas!


Apparently people do not trust PG’s system… reminds me of the Vietnam draft back in the 70s. Except I won that lottery.:joy:


It’s not good data collecting when teams have half empty guilds or barely any guild at all. If this data collected is what is deciding factor for platinum/gold getting atlas, we are screwed. Our only hope is to pray that those almost empty guilds who get Atlas today fill up fast and actually want to experience Atlas and not just have bragging rights to get high lvl players into their guilds.


Darn! I wanted to see a stream with one of these bad boys: