Atlas Entry Lottery for New Teams


One of them only has 3 players! Wtf?


Which of the 3 inactive members from that pyro team sent an entry in? They have a 0 activity rating with three members…lmao. way too funny


I’d honestly love that lol


This would, indeed, be hilarious. Perhaps we can get teams to play Bingo for it? I’ll bring the markers!

But then, of course, it wouldn’t be random. Ah, well.


Nope your wrong :rofl::joy: N, S, Q, Y, Z.


I hope this data will not in any way affect what teams or leagues are eligible in the future. If so I too would of picked teams that did not meet normal standards for the leagues they are in. A team with 3 members got Atlas… teams that have shown for months even a year that they are building a team to steadily continue to better themselves got shafted again. The ones who can’t see this already have atlas…so they don’t care


I too am disappointed our team didn’t win. However. What I’m hoping is that if the teams that did enter survive and do ok, even if it’s purely in the neutral zone, PG will think, well it’s ok to add teams that aren’t the strongest. So then just add everyone! We’ve all heard about teams getting Atlas and falling apart. Maybe they just want to make sure that doesn’t happen to teams in lower leagues :woman_shrugging: Just saying, this could be the start of many more teams being added.


None of this should affect the rollout of Atlas in the future. :slight_smile:


I propose that the next Atlas contest should be based on who has the cutest pets :tada:


Congratulations to the teams that were selected. To the PG team, i know you guys face a lot of challenges out there, just know that there are some here who appreciate your efforts and look forward to seeing the new development. Just wish we would have been chosen for atlas.



This will forever be my favorite post on the forums and anything to encourage more of it. :hearts::hearts::hearts::hearts:


Yup just 3 with 0 activity…I’m ok with not getting it to teams that have higher players but to miss out because of a team with 3 players is annoying


Anything! Anything would be nice!
You give us a shot to war our way up there but change the dates only to leave it to where no one knows!
Then bam one day these teams are going to Atlas!

Only take Diamond and Some high Saph before that!

Then a random lottery, everyone gets excited and only 20 gold teams and 20 Plat teams get in.
And I guess lots of teams are half full, 5/10 members short and some as low as having just 3 members!

You should throw all of these ideas out!
And just allow us to work towards Atlas!
You could even make it to where you have to get to Sapphire to gain access!
That would be a lot better then stuff like this! Or just having no opportunity at all!
Because then if ppl get mad about not having Atlas then all you’d have to say is get stronger and get it!
Not opened up for a small timeframe and you have to be in Saph this specific day to get it!

Just sucks that way it is now!
Because all we know is lots of other teams have it & we don’t & have no possible way to get it!
We just have to wait (It’s already been way to long) and we have no idea any kind of timeframe on when!?


Then they should choose teams from every letter of the alphabet then :joy:


What a farce…shame on you PG.


I just spoke with someone from the team with 3…he had no clue that they evem got it. He himself was laughing.


then the other 2 member might have registered the team when it was announced both forum and in-game.


Thats hysterical. He looking to fill up fast? I know a team thatd be mighty interested…


He may be. All his members went to a team that already had atlas.


Oh the irony :joy: