Atlas Entry Lottery for New Teams


Now you’ll see ppl jumping ship to go to a lower atlas team smh its sad.


It would be fun if this was a once a month or every other week thing. It’ll at least give those waiting a lil bit of hope. :innocent:


How can you find out the current state of Atlas from teams that aren’t full or have low activity. Great way to reward the hard working full teams by handing it out that way.


What do you mean One-Time?


Maybe there should have been some Cherry picking. When a team with 3 players gets atlas and the leader didn’t even have a clue that they had been entered into the lotto… Absolutely BS


My luck continues to suck big time …


I dunno if this atlas stuff cannot be provided to all teams equally bcos of the stabilization or what, but it’s time for pg to speed up the process to give access to us all. The sooner we learn about atlas the better will it be


The sooner we all get atlas the less we’ll have to spend to catch up…

Only logical explanation for why PG gives it bit by bit imo


That or they honestly are just not capable of making it to where it can hold that many teams!

I hope this isn’t the case because if so everyone whose been working on Atlas the past year should be looking for a new gig!

Of course for a 3 day span people will be ok or happy with atleast having the opportunity to have access.
But seriously! When there is still Sapphire teams not in Atlas, new sapphire teams & strong platinum teams you think it’s a good idea to have a lottery of Gold teams and pick the names out of a fucking Hat? :roll_eyes:


Happy birthday buddy :birthday:


Congratulations to all the teams who made it in, gutted the team I’m with didn’t make the cut :frowning: as I’m sure are most other players. But on a positive note guys and girls only another several years till we might get atlas… I’ve had the joys of flying and learning atlas and brought knowledge back to share with my teammates so we hit the ground running when we finally get there. But loosing all faith in Pg very fast and soon to be signing out of dragons for good.


Umm…ok…what are you intending to learn from a Gold 4 team with only 3 members (Pyro I’m looking at you here)?

As many have already mentioned, some more stringent selection criteria such as 50/50, minimum activity rating etc would be so much more helpful to your data gathering.

On a much more positive note (for me personally), thanks for a larger pool of gold mines I can now run. :+1: However i’m certainly not hitting pyro - they’ll have no gold to steal as they’re all inactive…


I wonder if someone from inactive team even applied.
Was the lottery even based on applied teams ? Makes me wonder…
Or they were some salty people trying to steal spot from others who could use the atlas for their purpose.


I’m sure someone from their sister team applied for them. They’re a farm team for 2 sapphire teams.


So they Share support ID or one is alt of their sister team! Absolutely shady tactics. Now i know which team i should hate


Da geben wir euch auf Deutsch auch recht, absolut negativ belastet!
Was will PG da testen, einfach nur lächerlich!



That shouldn’t be allowed. Access should be removed for them. I’m trying not to be upset but come on!


:flushed:. Wow, are we looking for a scape goat here? :thinking: :goat::goat::goat:.

If yes, once ya’ll catch it … I like mine curried. It’s been ages since I had curried goat. But don’t tell my mate Alec, she loves goats. :eyes:


yes, i am salty atm. but they are not scapegoats! They are just a baby team of a bigstack bully is how i see it. why the * would it need to apply for atlas? to be fancy?