Atlas Entry Lottery for New Teams


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Wth :joy: ^ and they made it in to atlas Pg your killing me. That’s going to be a real good insight into how lower teams do in atlas! Guessing you all didn’t actually look at any of the data from the teams huh? To determine weather they will actually be a viable data source?


Alt of the teams leader

I “heard” this lucky draw now makes this basically their 4th team in Atlas :roll_eyes:

And some have been waiting a year to get a single team in! Yeah it’s bullshit!

I’m sure they applied to grow the new team now and add to their alliance…


That was likely someone who had access to the special chat that staff monitored. No one monitored all of the various chat channels at once. Heck, sometimes on Friday evenings I like to open a bunch of the chat channels and see what folks are talking about, and I occasionally respond.

Our average full respond time is under 48 hours right now. We’re not making a habit of leaving tickets open.

Do you have a Netflix account? Hulu? Literally any streaming service in the world? You’re conflating buying a thing with paying for a live product. When you adopt a puppy do you take it back to the shelter after it stops being a puppy? Some things change over time.

You are incorrect. This was chosen randomly.

That’s a fair critique and something we’ll keep in mind. At the end of the day it wasn’t one of our selection criteria, but if we do this again it will likely become so.

Yeah, it really sucks that we said it would be random and then we randomly chose people. Shame on us for doing exactly what we said we would.


Morning PGJared

Are these teams finalized now or can they be reviewed? Just as previously mentioned by many that several are alt accounts and teams that have inactive/small numbers. When there’s alot of dedicated teams here, and I think personally that there are alot more viable teams to take those positions who will be able to give 110% to atlas, I’m not annoyed that the team I’m on didnt make it in just that several teams have made it in over hard working solid teams. I get this was random but surely those things should have been taken into account to gain a better understanding



Any news on another roll out & when? Will the next one be like the others? Given access by leagues?

Anymore lotteries planned? I hope not!
How is Atlas doing with the last roll out? Holding up?

Can it not just be released to the majority now? Any news at all?

I understand may be problems with adding a ton of teams at once? But this has been really going on for
Some time now.
To slow the access and add teams kind of like the roll outs in groups, why not just set the bar at sapphire & if you make it to Saph then your granted access?
At least then we would have something to work towards & know something!
Rather then months & months of knowing nothing.


Yups, but i have message from PGEcho “Platinum 2 not Rollout” :frowning:


What was it? @WillowInMoon

Roll out will be for new Saph & Plat one teams?


Yeah you right, just for Sapphire and not all platinum 1


Guess it’s on human nature to be unhappy about something, even if it’s a LOTTERY. Next time, if it comes to be, just don’t participate. That way you’ll be happier about Fortune didn’t select you 🤷


it is human nature. that doesn’t deny us of yet another participation. just whining and getting it over :rofl::rofl::rofl:


A summary well laid out. And that’s about it! Nice Work.


I didn’t even know there was a lottery until it had closed. If I had I probably still wouldn’t have applied because most of our members wouldn’t hack it there and if they can’t then it’s not time for us yet. I do wonder if some of the gold teams that applied really considered whether they could last in a part of the game competing against (or not as it will ultimately be), the Diamond and Sapphire teams who are already well established there.

Definitely needs to have a bit more criteria next time if it’s repeated otherwise it’s just a bit wasteful when there are strong teams out there who could survive it that desperate for a shot at atlas.

The team with 5 members is part of a “family” with 2 sapphire teams so they may fill the team up, or it may just be a missed opportunity for someone else :woman_shrugging:.

It would be interesting to see some stats on how teams are using atlas in the lower leagues, i.e. whether they try to use the features/compete or if it’s just sitting there unused by most of the team


I sent in info yesterday so hope we were even considered, but congrats to those that were chosen.


Please send a pm to PGJared. This is not the right place for it.


I think a lot of people assumed there was a filter being applied.

You cannot blame the PG team for this. Maybe we should have raised concerns that there weren’t minimum requirements to be in the lottery but doing it after the fact isn’t going to change it.

Try and look on the bright side this is another 40 teams added to atlas shortly after the last addition. Maybe they’re starting to iron out the bugs and another rollout will be imminent.


Long time lurker here, I also tried my hand on this, unfortunately my team wasn’t chosen. It was a lottery and the chances of winning are slim. It just grinds my gears when people start blaming the Team saying that it wasn’t random without any proof. They’re just like accusing people when they didn’t like the outcome. Come on guys, be civilized. No need to be hostile against them. I don’t know if there’s going to be another lottery soon, but instead of whining, I’ll try and take my team up the Leagues. Sorry for the post, I just couldn’t take it when people whine because they didn’t get what they want. Next time there’s a lottery, I suggest that you don’t participate, luck based activities are not for you. Peace out.


Ohh wait. The original 50 who had the Beta plus the staggered addition of teams to the Atlas are not enough to give PG sufficient data on issues as well as fix on such :man_facepalming:.

With you luck.


i don’t think they are doing it for bugs. Its with how lower league teams fare in the current atlas scenario so that for future rollouts, more anti-griefing mechanisms can be placed if needed AFAIK


But it’s only fair if MY team gets in.


PS, mine didn’t and not whining about it