Atlas Entry Lottery for New Teams


Ohh, an excuse to finally go get my hedgehog!



Well, anyway, congrats to the selected ones.
Good Luck, and Happy Spending!


Big deal, it’s just one team. It’s not like everyone whining is suddenly going to get atlas if they pull this one team.

You guys would just find something else to whine about.

Grow up and slap out of it people.


Plus it will increase my odds of winning.



I do not know if there is/are teams that belonged to Gold who already have Atlas. But I know a couple of teams who are at Platinum who had Atlas. (This is way prior to the time when it was offered to Plat 1). Maybe they are a small a sample, but it doesnt take a genius to figure out the problem.

Point is, if they can accomodate all the teams, why not offer it to the whole. Not just a portion. If They cant, then solve it first.
This is what I feel. Its always been half baked.
Just my opinion :man_shrugging:


I’m not too sure but it may be due to 2 different things:
1 it may crash the whole game if the server is not capable to sustain everyone
2 this space would be used by some players who don’t actually look forward for it, the “casual players”


He does?



Oh please cry me a river. With the amount of complaining and negativity they get over literally everything, im surprised his attitude is still so decent.
PG might do a lot of things that players don’t like but even on the good changes there is always a huge amount of negativity on here on the forums.

Stop complaining and be happy instead :slight_smile:


You think they are stupid to try test all this if they could accommodate all teams right away?
Nothing personal but the number of teams which have access to atlas is such a minority just because of how many teams they could accommodate, otherwise why would they do this knowing they will get backlash from player community.
From my understanding, they want to see if its worth expanding it to gold and lower plat( maybe ) just because of sheer amount of burden on their servers. Offering lottery to plat team is still something i do not understand though, and also how just data with 20 teams with each league would help them in overall assessment of league behaviour, so i will reserve my comments on that.


Prehaps…but I’m only responding to how this issue was handled and the response. You cannot tell me you agree how it was handled. If you make a mistake you should own it, correct it and move on. Not everyone has the correct temperament for frontline customer service. I certainly don’t. So exactly why should we be happy about this? Help me understand…


so what is this “mistake”? how and why should they correct it? 40 Teams were chosen at random, 20 Gold and 20 Plat. They announced that it’s a Lottery. Anything I’m missing here?


The entire Atlas selection criteria and roll out…


Thats why there is an “if” in my statement. If thats the problem, then They should work on it rather than hiding it on the “issue that they might encounter” :man_shrugging:.
I might be wrong about it.

And as always be, they had been doing half bake “new contents or changes or whatever” they call it.

They had been testing it for as long as I remember. And yet they are still testing it. How long do they have to test it before they could introduce to the majority of teams?


It sucks that it’s not for everyone, but it’s also a good thing. When i was in plat 2-3 a few months ago, people didn’t WANT atlas, they said they would quit if it was implemented for everyone. Also, they don’t have the manpower nor server to deal with atlas for everyone. It’s already laggy enough as it is.

If you really want atlas there have been plenty of opportunities to get it:
Change to a different team with atlas access.
Grow with your own team to get to plat 1 or sapphire to get atlas.

Stop complaining about everything and just deal with the past. Take life by the balls and make the best of the cards that are dealt, don’t just stand around moping.



#1 as much as I would want to agree with you because this is also my suspect, but I am not an expert on this so I could not comment further

#2 “if you are a casual player” and Dont want to be bothered with Atlas, you can still have Atlas and not play it. It another door that you can open and Go in, or lock it up.


so why not just join one of these teams with very very low participation, wait the week or so till they all get auto-kicked/rotated out till you are an officer (which is really easy to become as a big), and simply swop in your entire old team.

Atlas gained


I really doubt you can be objective since you most likely have atlas access. Plus you are provoking me with your previous opening comments such as “cry me a river”. So why should I have to quit my team to get what others already have. I spend far more money here than at most exclusive clubs…they do not exclude me. We should be entitled to full access. Also why nurf everything we have worked for by buffing the Atlas gear. If you can’t give everyone fair access just discontinue until you can…


You might feel entitled, but you are not entitled to anything. It’s still PGs game, not yours.
You are focusing only on the negative. You don’t HAVE to quit your team, you could’ve climbed together with your team to be included in the latest expansion.


The (1) has been said somewhere in the forum, and one from PG, Not sure if PGJared said it was a problem being looked after. So it would make (2) difficult maybe causing problems to all. Also atlas demands more teamwork and time which are not compatible with lower leagues. There are some folks who quit team not to have atlas. It’s my thought though, the bare truth lies on the other side


Hey! You and all but 3 of your teammates could just join the 3 man team! :woman_facepalming: