Atlas Entry Lottery for New Teams


I am always positive, trying to inspire and build. I love/ loved this game. I love teaching it and the techicalities to new people. I love the conraderie and the friends. I love striving towards something. I am not willing to drag my team that has Little’s to platinum 1 where they will struggle. I shouldn’t have to make others fail for what the majority needs and wants in my team. I used to love the game and enter all the contest etc. I am FireMaidenMak as well and named Aurora. I was so proud to be a part of this game.

There’s a point though when your own happiness is dwindling in the game based on everything new and a perk passed you and your team by because only some people are getting this and that because it’s being tested out.

I mean how long after my own faith in pg and happiness in the game has dwindled to almost nothing am I supposed to keep spinning wonderful dreams of thing we will get someday. But that someday has failed to come over and over. As we sit and watch half the game only pull farther and farther ahead. Sure I could ditch my game family and go get it for myself. But then I am not a leader or a team player.

I am just saying this is ruining the game. It’s seperating the teams from each other and the leagues. In more than one way. We will be so far behind when we get it that we will always be weaker. So where we felt equal to plat 1 and 2 teams that go up and down we will no longer be equal to. As we are at a disadvantage. The longer it takes the more it’s making teams crumble and players feel left out and unimportant.

Just the Invader base alone is a huge perk along with being able to build rider gear etc.

You have let me and us players down pg in the way you decide things. The way you roll them out and who you choose to give things to.



Ok fair enough…lets cut this conversation off…I no longer care to discuss it with you. :v:t3:


If you are referring to Raptor, he’s talking to TeeBro and not your comment.


Ok:) just didn’t want to make someone feel that way. Thank you


“Do you have a Netflix account? Hulu? Literally any streaming service in the world? You’re conflating buying a thing with paying for a live product. When you adopt a puppy do you take it back to the shelter after it stops being a puppy? Some things change over time.”

Yes, but when a change is made it affects everyone not just a select few. I have never seen a game company split its player base like this game has and ive played a lot of games like this one. This can’t be a good business for the long haul. All it’s really doing is pissing off you user base more and more.


That’s also incorrect. Streaming services change their selection based on regions. There are shows and movies you can only see if you live in specific countries at specific times. There are plenty of services and games that do A/B tests or limited rollouts.


But this isn’t a streaming service who’s limitations can be circumvented with a simple VPN setting

This is a very competitive game and whenever some people have access to more rewards and even more items the rest of do not have any chance of getting you’re literally holding us back.

And if we tried to work around it we’d be banned without warning, but Netflix doesn’t give a crap and if it did creating a new account wouldn’t set us back everything invested so far

Level up rewards

Wait, your solution to a streaming service not offering content in your region is to defraud them? I think you and I might be coming at this from completely different angles.


I never said that was my solution, just that it is a common solution, and it’s well known that they only limit shows to regions based on contracts with the rights holders of said shows who want pay several subscriptions to make sure they get more money…

Oh wait now I get it. I mean I know that the only reason to run a business is for the money… But who would’ve thought a gaming company would as greedy.


Can we focus on this part?


People wouldn’t be so upset if Atlas wasn’t going to be so a huge part of the game!
And if it wasn’t taking so long!
The majority still doesn’t have it & have no idea when they will get it!

I’m sure people will still be pissed off about being so far behind and about teams keeping all progress in beta & being able to spend $ in beta.
The teams given this unfair advantage wasn’t picked at random! We are talking about the top teams in the game…That makes it even worse.
But at least this disaster would be over if we would be given access already!
Is there even a timeline on rollouts? Any news would be appreciated…We can’t even tell members on our teams anything (not everyone reads the forum) because we are never told anything!
Even bad news is better then no news…Most just cannot stand the not knowing!


So good.


And I think you are incorrect on the Netflix. I’ll agree there are different movies in different regions but thats not how I compare it to what y’all are doing. Y’all are more compared to some people in the same region are getting access to premium moveis that other are not.

And Yes some games do have betas but when it ends everyone looses what they earned and starts fresh when it rolls out to everyone . Atlas as been out for a long time and still only a select few have to it.


Keep calm and still wait, what all player at platinum have access to atlas or not :wink:


If the post was flagged for a personal attack…then why flag all his posts. Are there personal attacks within them also? Why have forums if we can’t voice the things concerns about?


or players are flagging it.


Yea but PG also stated you opened it up to collect data. But as was pointed out, how much data are going to get from teams of 3 or low activity?

The biggest complaint I see in this thread is that the criteria for selection should have been more stringent than just gold or platinum. I’m not sure what you hope to accomplish with these low member/low active teams.


Seems to me as usual a good idea implemented poorly :expressionless:


But not for 3 years. This game has been one big beta test for the past 3 years :joy::joy::joy:


I apologize for my name calling. I should not have said you was childish or a fool. Those words are offensive, I agree. I would repost what I said without the name calling but I already SS and posted them to a Line app where 500 people can read it and posted it to my twitter so it’s pointless to get a reaction.