Atlas Entry Lottery for New Teams


before announcing the name of the team it’s good PG see his team whether in accordance with the criteria or not


No it was Jared. He said because it personally attacked him.


Hey all,

It seems things are getting a bit heated here. Criticism is welcome and productive conversation is appreciated. Please keep this conversation as constructive has possible! :slight_smile:


Hiya Crisis.

Ill restate what i said earlier. I think folks are upset because there were no guidelines for the lottery other than being in gold or platinum.

I personally think we, the players, should have asked for some more stringent guidelines for the lottery before it happened, like minimum number of team members or minimum activity amount. But, we didnt, all we saw was the Atlas carrot being dangled in front of us.

I think we, or at least some, i know i did, thought that there would at least been some sort of allowance made for a minimum number of members or minimum activity amount.

But, PG did exactly what they stated they would, select randomly a few, 40 - wow, that was a shocking amount, almost 2 subleagues worth, of teams, and give them Atlas.

I know, i know, outrage for doing exactly what you said you were going to do. The horror.

But seriously, if this lottery is going to be used to gauge how gold and platinum teams do in Atlas, i personally believe the selections should not have been truly random, but have at least required full, or partially full, teams with a minimum amount of activity. Please keep this in mind if and when there is another lottery…please.



I really appreciate your reply, here, Jonesy. Thank you for providing thoughtful and constructive feedback so we can implement player suggestions in the future. :slight_smile:


Very welcome :+1: I’m not ALWAYS a pita - only on days that end in y :rofl:


But if they didn’t do it randomly how many would be complaining because they played favorites or chose people they knew would succeed since they were on the cusp of the next higher league.

Lets just take a step back and relax. We will get Atlas someday and then the complaints will shift to "why didn’t PG slow down and test it more before dumping every team in and dragging the kernel to a slow crawl. The way they’re doing it will hopefully reduce issues and make our ultimate experience better.


It’s because they started with Diamond league, and tailored it for them, forgetting about the rest of us plebs. Now it’s too high level for us scum. It’s another example of how not to do things.


Looks like you weren’t chosen.
I’ve been thinking about a possible team maneuver that you may wish to try, assuming that you are a competitive team in the platinum range.
The maneuver goes something like this; sand bag by intentionally losing wars until you fall to the very bottom of G1, but still in G1. Then farm medals like crazy and declare on every team in G1 (assuming you are a competitive platinum team you should be able to beat anyone in G1). Win all the wars and gain approximately 400 rating points. Do it again two days later, this time you will get much less points because your rating is up so much, approximately 100.

That 500 point rating boost will catapult you beyond platinum into sapphire, albeit temporarily. Can time it to coincide with PvP start if you want to remain in Sapphire for at least 2 weeks. Once you have atlas, you will continue to have it even when you settle back down to your normal spot in Platinum.

Ive never tried this, but in theory it should work. And thus allow platinum teams to choose to have Atlas at will, if they are willing to put in the effort to get it.


Can your brother also grind out 35 levels for me 🤷
I think this is one of those easier said then done things, especially when even if you started a brand new account it would still take you a month to do 35 levels lol


This right here. You’re da bomb.

If more people had your attitude… well, more people should have your attitude. Way to stand up.


This may be exactly why they did as they did. They know that complaints will be there whatever happens and so they chose the longer route which is more safe. Kudos to you!


Lol not really sure understand that most people won’t take the time to build properly and when you just build to.yoir hearts desire you can reach 35 in a day or two easy.


Does it matter if it’s over a period of time? Earned is earned and all should have that opportunity.


You may be missing the point by looking into the specifics…

I’m sure plenty with Atlas also have been lucky enough to get the level up rewards too!
Now let’s say they are on a solid team in Atlas with land…

All the extra egg tokens over weeks really add up for breeding which turns into even more rewards (event achievements)
Now they get 2-3 thousand rubies & tokens for leveling up once I’ve seen it as high as 4800 rubies with tokens & 12 hr Timers.
Even if they just get 2200 rubies per level if they go up 10 levels this Fort they are just getting 22k extra rubies (50 extra gold chests) couple thousand tokens & some 12 hr Timers…That’s over a couple days during one event!
Who knows how long this will be tested out? And another Fort comes around now we are getting close to 50k extra rubies ($150 worth of packs) probably more because the rewards go up as you level…
Now Add in all the extras they have received from Atlas too!
I’m sure Atlas does take plenty of work but it also rewards hardwork & all the extras received over the last 6 months I’m sure it’s nothing to laugh about.

To a player that has neither of these things…That is a HUGE unfair advantage!
Most serious players in the game are competitive so to give some these kinds of benefits and nothing to others? Of course that is going to piss people off!


Thx :blush:


Is there going to be a rollout any time soon. For the new plat 1 teams.


I doubt soon…They haven’t even spoke about another roll out yet.
I would be surprised if they had another roll out in the next 1-2 months…
Last roll out it was announced weeks before & even pushed back.
So yeah idk but Hopefully I’m wrong!




Problem is you need to coincide that with a rollout. Just getting to sapphire doesn’t mean you get Atlas.