Atlas Entry Lottery for New Teams


So for those that didn’t win and were complaining… How are you feeling now? Seems like we’re not missing out on too much ATM


Nice sarcasm :unamused:


It’s how I roll.



Still angry…


For you frustrated guys, go read the thread about how many Atlas points it takes to get the new elite gear. It’ll give you a good laugh…

Wishing you all the luck to get added soon, so you can have something new to bitch about! :+1:


I thought that was just elite gear.
Mind you I have already studied and made chart of how much they cost. That doesn’t make it any less sad for us considering we don’t even have access to it.


Not having Atlas might be a good recruiting tool soon.

(crosses fingers)



I understand your point but I still would like that option… Just don’t want to have to leave my team to get it…so my dragons and riders will be inferior to Atlas players. Money really isnt the only factor for me. But I will get over it or move on to another game. Best of luck to you regardless. :v:t3:


Having the OPTION is the point… besides which just having the invader bases is worth it in and of itself


You clearly miss why so many have become frustrated.
They do not care how much it costs!
It doesn’t matter how long it takes or how difficult it may be. None of that matters!


It was meant as humor. If you don’t see it that way… :woman_shrugging:

Truth is it’s not all working perfectly right now.


You really don’t understand the non-atlas viewpoint do you. It’s not working perfectly is still a big plus over the players without it. I’ve had it since the last roll out and it’s made a huge difference to us.


You are still in your honeymoon phase :wink:


Thanks for this @Djdom32

Nice to see folks with Atlas not being a jerk about it.


If none of it will affect on the roll out of atlas, what data exactly is being tracked? and for what purpose?
I am still confused by what a non active team could provide in regard to data. But such is life with a random lottery, i guess.

Moving forward - do we see some of the issues in the regular end of the game being addressed any time soon? Seems we will be playing here a bit longer and it would be nice to play in a zone that PG also spends time addressing.


I would think the aim of the lottery is to see how teams that haven’t pushed up to plat1, and beyond, handle Atlas due to the constant calls for it to be rolled out and only the top teams having it. Presumably it will give them data on the behaviour of both those top teams when less active teams come in, and whether the lower ranked teams stand a chance of using all the features available or if they get flattened.

It affects the rollout long term, not short term, perhaps.


I would agree, except I am unclear what barely active alliances can add to data - except the, “yep, that didn’t go well” confirmation. That’s why I am not sure a lottery is the best way to gain subjects for data collection.


Soooooo true!


I mean I’m not sure there’s a forum approved word for what happens to us in atlas but still overall I’d say we’ve seen a benefit. It’s eased the load on our bigger players needing to back for xp runs etc.

I’m not even remotely suggesting that atlas in its current form is perfect far far far from it. However compared to not having it there’s definitely a plus.


Thanks for your input! I’m sure it’s appreciated by non-Atlas players!

Most with Atlas except a few like to pretend like no other team could gain any benefit from Atlas or the extras are soooo hard to get that it isn’t even worth it!
I think they want to trick themselves into believing they haven’t been receiving all these extras for so long!

I guess we should consider ourselves lucky for not having Atlas lol