Atlas Entry Lottery for New Teams


Yup, thank you, oh ye Atlas Gods, for not placing the curse of Atlas on me and my brethren. May those that have been cursed cups’ overfloweth with donkey manure and bird droppings.


But really, thats what is expected of those that dont have Atlas, to be thankful that we dont have it. Ugh. Moving on, yet again…


So, it’s been a few days. PG will collect whatever data PG collects, but here’s some feedback from an active Gold1 team leader.

Atlas is a LOT. War Dragons has (at times) a sharp learning curve associated with it and I would say that Atlas has a curve that’s even steeper. A big part of this is due to the user interface not being polished. There are graphical glitches and bugs, lag, and very little in the way of explanation of what to do or how to do it. It’s not easy to find or see your team members. Menus are dense and hard to follow; important options are hidden behind two or three text-heavy pages. Atlas events are roughly as daunting as main game events, so that’s a lot stacked on top of trying to remain competitive in our league.

That being said, even without holding land there are some awesome benefits, and the content itself is fun once you start to figure it out. HOWEVER, I could see this thing fracturing most teams. My team has already seen two officers threaten to step down because they felt overwhelmed and we’ve seen a big spike in inactivity - and we were a pretty solid team at the start. In order to accomplish anything you need a full team with full activity and a lot of organization. Most rewards are a pittance and require more effort than their regular game counterpart. To be honest, that’s more work than what most people in Gold or below are willing to put into a fun game about collecting dragons.

Atlas needs some serious streamlining in the UI department to make the transition less painful and more seamless for lower leaguers, those who are in the most need of a friendly user interface and some hand holding. A “training grounds” area for people in the lower leagues to start off in before dumping them into the world at large would be a great idea. Learning how to actually do PvP, claim a castle, etc, would do wonders.

tl;dr, Atlas has some great potential and can be a lot of fun, but it needs some improvements to make it feel like less of an overbearing part-time job.


One thing you’ll notice in the near future is Atlas team based are gonna get a lot harder. The changes to perches and the gear buff make a big difference.

I’ve got a mixed bag of gear on my defensive rider, and its not near maxed, but my defense power is about 35-40% higher than it was.

As I said before… hope you get it soon… or it’s going to start being real obvious who has it and who doesn’t.


I just don’t think your in any place to make any snide comments to non-Atlas players.

Just a few months ago wasn’t that you who made a thread “bitching” about not having Atlas? And how beta teams are getting so far ahead?
Now that you got it I guess it’s easy to jump on the other side of the fence? Lol
You must think Flak is the “Da bomb now that you have it but you clearly didn’t feel that way or like that kind of thinking just a few months ago lol

Your opinions are all over the place, it really is hard to keep up with them.


That wasn’t snide at all. Just adding another reason why I think it’s unbalanced. I’ve always been a supporter of getting access to everyone as soon as possible.

You think I’m your opponent, or that I somehow want to keep some people from getting access to things that others already have, but you couldn’t be more wrong.

Your anger and disappointment are clearly clouding your judgment on this. You should step away and take a breath before you say anything else that’s at best totally off base, and at worst inappropriate and just plain rude.


Yeah I didn’t read her comments in that way so I think you may be interpreting them wrongly Twitchx


@Twitchx is spot on, and I can confirm he has been following all this garbage from the beginning.


Again, that’s up to your interpretation :woman_shrugging:. Text has no inflection, people read it differently depending on their mindset at the time.


I’m honestly going to cease all spending probably including my Elite account. PG deliberately is handicapping teams by their slow progression to expand Atlas while offering new content for Atlas. Not to mention making the gear we worked hard for in events pretty much worthless. What’s the point in spending hours a day to have stronger dragons and a stronger base when we are placed in leagues with atlas teams with defensive riders and legendary armor on their dragons, go head to head against them in breed and fort while they have the added advantage of banks and extra tokens and speeds. I’m sure I’m not the only one who finds this kind of treatment unethical. We should not have to give up the teams we worked hard to build just to get something EVERYONE should have gotten by now. If your servers or code were not ready to roll out to the majority of players then you shouldn’t have released it all and kept it beta. Not to mention that there are more players wanting altas than teams have spots for so telling us to move isnt a logical proposition. I’ll be sure to speak only the truth when giving this game and company reviews.


I’m never angry & do not attack people or call names. That’s not me.

But laughing at someone who is giving his opinion on Atlas (even though it seems to not be the popular one) agreeing he must still be in the honey moon phase or telling people to go read complaints about Atlas (Which is totally not the point, people just want access)
And assuming those same ones will just “bitch” once they get Atlas.
And you think Flak is “Da Bomb” because he doesn’t care when he gets Atlas.

That’s all in your last few replies. And there’s more replies from you in threads just like these.

But You clearly expressed your frustration when YOU didn’t have Atlas just a few months ago.
But now you always have something to say to ones who express their frustration with not having access?

Its obvious because you have Atlas now!
You made replies just like some of these if you don’t remember I’m sure I can dig them?

Your opinion very obviously changes after you get Atlas and it couldn’t be more obvious that you don’t care about the ones who don’t have access wirh your rude comments, so let’s not pretend like you do!

Just because you say I hope you get it soon, is that supposed to have others disregard all other comments?


Yes, I think @FLAKnIceHole has a good attitude regarding access to Atlas. I hope he gets it soon.

Yes, I do have access to Atlas now. I changed from a stagnant Gold 1 team to a Platinum 1 team that had access a few months ago. It was worth it.

No, I am not laughing at anybody. Agreeing someone is still in the honeymoon phase of Atlas? Sure… lots to do at first, big gains, then you settle in to the grindy part.

Saying that it would be nice to have something new to bitch about? It would! That’s as much a comment on the negativity of the forums in general, as it is a small attempt to bring levity to an otherwise very frustrating situation.

I do hope everyone who wants access to Atlas gets it… that has never changed.


I know what you said & This thread is not the only one…You are in other threads replying to players without Atlas.

All I’m saying is you should stop & think about how you felt & the “bitching” you was doing just a few months before replying to non Atlas players.


I wasn’t bitching, but I was getting frustrated about access, and bored with the regular game. So, I did something about it, and I support other people in gaining access also.

This thread seems to have lost its purpose, so I’ll leave you to it.


Thats is good feedback…hopefully it will be fruitful. :+1:t3:


please add in DiamondBacks team as well PG


Lol :grin:


We jst gt into platinum… Not lucky this time to gt atlas… By any chance are you going to add more teams to the world of atlas soon… I hope we will gt it


Agree, me too in Platinum 1


When there is a new chance to get atlas acces? I play for so long time and it makes me a little angry that we dont get acess. Why we always have to read forums.