Atlas Entry Lottery for New Teams


Excuse you. My team has 50/50 active members. We’re just coming back from a rebuild in Gold3 and are currently climbing up from Gold1 to Plat4.


You do, but im seeing SEVERAL with less than 40, even 30, members and extremely low activity, so excuse YOU.


We are a plat 1 team and didnt make it either.


She meant things like removing duplicates and making sure the teams in question were in the appropriate leagues. There was no cherry picking here.


There was no nothing, not even looking to see if they were active teams…


Looks like they chose the teams most likely to fall apart from getting Atlas. I mean diamond teams with full activity and spenders fell apart over the grind so obviously it’s going to be fine for gold 3 teams with 30 members and mostly level 7-12 players with 0 medals for the week.


People are going to be upset because their team didn’t win. Maybe you guys SHOULD do what I joked about earlier in the thread: get one of those bingo ball air mixer things and randomly select teams from it on stream.


Upside, if true, is that the weakest teams will dissolve leading to less people playing leading to less lag :joy:


My team in Platinum 2, and not added to Atlas :’(


We’re not upset our teams didn’t get it, we’re upset over the trash- not even functional - teams that were chosen.


I’m really sad but the fact that my team DIDN’T get picked shows how truly random it is- in my eyes @PGJared @Arelyna. I don’t, for a minute, think that teams were hand selected. We are a Plat 1 team with 50 members, 100% activity, and an 1810 rating (329 Global). I’m not saying that any of the other teams are undeserving, only highlighting that if this lotter was purely merit-based I’d have bet money on TitansBR getting in.
Those are the breaks.


And joke or not this is something I would support.


What time to added in platinum 2?


Me too, jen… my team in Global Rank 429


I wouldnt expect it to be anytime soon!


Hey, do me a favor and quit lying about my team, thanks. I already explained what our team checked for.

It was randomized at 20 gold and 20 plat.

This is my plan for the next one (if we run one again)

Exactly. If I was hand-picking teams to add to the list a team like yours would be at the top.




Our team is platinum 3. I see at least 3 other platinum 2/3 teams that got in.


You in platinum 3, but my team stay in platinum 2 :frowning:


Sorry, they did check for duplicates and the other stuff.

Too bad there was no criteria for # of members, team activity, etc. those would have been GREAT to check for… that was what i MEANT.