Atlas Entry Lottery for New Teams


And our Sapphire 1 team still doesn’t have it. We were S2 when it expanded a few weeks ago, but they blamed the reasoning on previous few months collective rankings and said they couldn’t add more teams. Now they do a damn lottery and you don’t even need to earn it?!?! And still our S1 team doesn’t have it. Well, from the sounds of it, it is a money pit that may be best to avoid anyways , lol


They said random, right? That means that you could hypothetically be the only member on your gold4 team, submit your name, and win.


Wait, theres still teams in Sapphire that dont have it? So even if a team makes it up to Sapphire, they dont get autoadded? What the hell?


Yep, we get the big shaft


Thats the point of a lottery. They didn’t specifically discard entries if they were low activity or not full on members. Only on critical criteria such as league or duplicates

Think about it for 2 seconds.


Very saddened our team was not selected… currently globally 417😫


Whats to think about? They randomly selected low activity and inactive gold teams…so when they dont “succeed” they have an excuse not to add gold leagues. Whats to think about?


Congrets to all the teams that got in! I know 2 of them are in my league and are great teams. I hope we can get it soon as well! This was definitely a great and fun idea. My only comment would be as been said above it would be nice to see the lottery on twitch and to check for activity of teams.


I am sure there wasn’t. I may have more faith in what you are saying if there had not been too many other inconsistencies in the way PG has been handling our accounts (business). I saw an unbelievable photo today. It was a chat log from several years ago. Doing @ admin got instant response in chat. Unlike the auto response and leave on open method being used now. We spend alot of money on this game. And I have never spent my hard earned money on anything else and the seller come back a few month later and change the contents of item I purchased.

As far as going thru the teams and getting duplicates out and making sure they were in the right league you maybe should of also made sure the members actually qualified for atlas. You must be level 25 so what good is picking a low count team with players that cant even access it. Other games have level and access guidelines so people know what their investment gets them. Might i recommend PG also start running this game like the business it is to them.


Being a full team with high activity should have been a must!
It doesn’t make sense! Most of those 35/40 member teams with low activity fall apart fast…More members leave because tired of losing wars or just move onto better teams!

If you want to experiment with Gold & Plat teams to see how they’ll do then yeah sounds like a
Good plan :+1: but at least make sure they are solid teams…Not teams that will most likely not even be a team in 3/4 months!


These teams would likely fill up fast now that they have Atlas :woman_shrugging:t2:


Yeah thts not how it works!

I wish it was! You had to be in Saph at the time of the roll out!
Now if you make it to sapphire you still don’t get it!
You had a small timeframe to be there and if not then your screwed!


A lot of the teams picked don’t even have 50 players…one only has 3 so to me looks like they picked who they thought would fail not random at all


Keep track of them, reuse the name :wink: apparently thats still a thing, despite assurances that it wouldnt be “soon”.


They are just messengers so give them the benefit of the doubt. However, now is the best time ever to respond to Apple and Google’s invite to rate the War Dragon App. Be professional but honest.


I thought the original atlas plan from last year stopped at platinum.


You picked a team for every letter in the alphabet except the letter “Z” :roll_eyes: so not fair :unamused:


I think the consensus complaint is that not all entries cared to adhere to this bit, and that next time perhaps we have a stricter vetting process is all. Cheers all.


okay so what gold team doesn’t have much member. let me join that since I am not always active (4-5 days only and sometimes 2-3 days a week)

Just send me a message and I will join tomorrow. I can only join team that doesn’t do much war and I have 2 friends that are level 300+ or maybe more 200+ (if I can convince them that is)


Really?! Full teams missed out to a team with 3 members?! That is beyond stupid