Atlas. Equality

We need equality in atlas. My idea is to split atlas into 2 leagues. Diamond and sapphire. Platinum and gold 1 . Neither can attack the other. if you in an alliance you can only hit team in your lvl
No more high teams hitting g low teams just for castles then giving them to their low teams in their alliance.get ppl wanting so play the game not pay to play the game. Try to eeven it out. Stop 2 or 3 high teams /controlling it.

rolling the whole game.


That’s what rank is for, so that big teams when attacking small ones don’t win glory.

And with regard to conquests … the big fish eats the little fish, whether we like it or not.


True, but it can still frustrate small teams. You can’t do anything against a Sapphire I team if you’re in Platinum II. 1,2,3 and the castle is gone.

There are huge power difference even within the league structures you’ve mentioned.

What you have suggested, making it impossible for a higher ranked team to attack a lower ranked team, is a ridiculous ideas.

If this happened, lower level teams would have the gates, and higher level teams would be behind the gates, much as it is now, but the difference being that a higher level team could not bubble that lower level team to get to the higher level teams behind.

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A sapphire 3 team also can’t do anything against a D1 team. I do get the general problem of large power discrepancies, but an arbitraty divide between platinum/sapphire isn’t really a solution that works.


Something needs to be done we get big teams hitting us who are protected behind gates and small teams hitting us because we are good glory we don’t want to attack low levels teams back as we get no glory. I think we should be able to fly to any castle all castles should be access castles. No more hiding behind gates.

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Also, Let’s also not pretend here that big teams are hitting smaller teams just to get to teams behind them. With the new ridiculous guard rules, plenty of higher ranking teams are attacking down for easy glory. They don’t seem to care if it’s 100% or not, most are looking for the easy route…

Also, I like the idea of no more entry castles. Would definitely remove the stagnation from the game and pg wouldn’t have to pander to the “bored “ players hiding in the safe castles


I wonder if this was due to any controversial change PG has made?

There are Diamond players in Gold 1 and there are Gold 1 players possibly in Diamond and definitely in Sapphire.
welcome to the community and I must say, I feel you. This wouldn’t really work because of sandbagging. Its a hard grind if you’re not on a good team. I’m on a good team but not sure about our 5ta. At this point with all the new things going on all focus should be on building troops. Troops are key for Atlas as ETM’s are key for Maingame play.

If only there was a solution for that, but very few people voted for it?

It’s no easier on a high rank low activity team.

This is where I don’t agree. The point of atlas is kill stuff, have fun, don’t sit on what you have but try to take more

If you want to attack, defend, or be a weirdo and swap sure

I honestly see main game as a way to help me succeed in atlas not the other way around

Something, something… negatives produced by the core mechanic of atlas…blah blah… acquisition of defensive positions



All of the above issues can be solved by using positional dominance as the core mechanic supported by positional attacking and we don’t need multiple maps we need positional conflict that creates conflict between teams of equal strength and in small localized areas preventing lag :man_shrugging:


Exactly Juno
And you will keep seeing these posts till the map kills the game :man_shrugging:


Personally I’m all for separating atlas into different sections, not based on league, but based on atlas rank; but I understand other’s objections to it as atlas was created as an open world.

What if there were more tiers of castles? I feel like the t5/t4 idea was to make it so big teams didn’t care as much about t2s, but I think there are too many teams and too few tiered castles. Would it work better to have t2-10 so that diamond teams are more concerned with the 9-10’s, high sapphire get 7-8s, and so on so that the lower teams could have the low yielding t2s without as much competition from larger teams?

Also, if glory yielded was increased based on the castle level, there would be more incentive to hit harder targets since they’re generally on higher leveled castles.



you’ll need troops to kill stuff

you’ll need egg tokens to succeed in main game :man_shrugging:t5:

I have no idea how to fix it, but my priority would be to look into the glory calculations. There should be a severe penalty for attacking down, and one that helps the defender.

So a level 600 can attack a level 300 and get no glory. The 600 also loses very few troops. The 300 is supposed to take solace in that the attacker’s glory was reduced? That doesn’t give the defender any glory or bring back their lost troops.

All successful games that mix player levels are good at keeping them balanced.

A low level player is going to be low level most likely for their entire game lifetime. There is no “catching up”. If the game isn’t fun for them, I think the game has a real problem as it can’t grow its player base.


Please enlighten me I didn’t know… point is don’t hoard troops it is no fun

Have you thought of a cycle here? Egg tokens from atlas means better dragons. Better dragons means can hit higher in atlas…

I said nothing about hoarding troops but ok :+1:t5:

you specifically emphasized building troops. Something that people already do passively.

If you choose to say people should try to kill more troops and have more fun (different things I know), it would still mean you need to train troops but it would imply not to hoard them… you didn’t say this though

Until castle acquisition does not become the end goal (and let’s face it, castle acquisition is what PG wants), then glory penalties will not be a sufficient deterrent. They certainly aren’t now.