Atlas EVEN MORE Broken- Help, too!

My app is basically FUBAR’d today. Issues with the even notwithstanding (I already put in a ticket for those last night), I’m now having major problems with Atlas. Instead of just getting the “Atlas has failed to load” message 4/5 times, now every time I try to attack or transfer RSS in Atlas it completely crashes (if I can even get that far).

I have reinstalled the app twice this morning. Still the same.

I hesitated to enter another ticket because I know the Help Desk has their hands full right now.

But this is a whole nother level. It can’t go on like this. I can’t even play.
So I need to put in a ticket. But get this- every time I go to the little settings menu now and tap on Help, the entire app freezes up and I have to restart. :joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl:

Clever way for them to get us to stop entering tickets?? :thinking:

Can anybody remind me of the email address I can use to mail support and start a ticket outside of the game?

Or give me some advice on how to fix the hot mess I have going on?? :sob:

not the email but:

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Mine does the same

If anyone is curious, I ended up backing up my phone and then restoring the phone from the backup. It took a few hours, but it seems to have helped. Now I’m back to just getting the “Atlas has failed to load” message every other time I try to go in instead of having it crash on practically every run. Big win!! :joy::joy::joy:

It’s pretty sad that I’m now happy to go back to having to restart the app all the time just to get into Atlas. But at least I can actually play. lol
Still nothing useful from Support. Here’s the last message I got from them:

Javern Liew (wardragons)

May 5, 5:25 AM PDT

Hello JennyD,

I’m really sorry to hear that you are having trouble with loading into Atlas. The team is aware of this issue and they’re currently looking into it. Once we have an update on the matter, we will let everyone know. For now, we recommend that you visit our page at to make sure you’re up to date on its current status and also to see if it’s been fixed. Please note that Live Event issues will be listed at, whereas Live Atlas issues are listed at

Thanks for playing!

I think this is it
Press “contact us” red button and go ahead

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