Atlas event broken


Spent 15k glory and rider stones got 420 points… @PGDave

What a joke… everything is broken. Mines, poachers, war attacks, bank transfers… wtg :+1:t4:


Battles aren’t registering either. Something’s definitely a miss.


Same problem, attacks not registering, gp not being awarded, can’t retrieve troops from the garrison and now one of my prims appears to be attached to a base with a bungee rope - keeps bouncing right back there. Come on PG get it sorted out! Admin says it’s my broadband connection - funny how everything else is working that is conncted to the internet, and others are having the same problems :thinking::thinking:


We’re working on trying to isolate the cause of these issues to resolve it ASAP. Really sorry for the inconvenience!


We had a backlog in task queues momentarily. The issue should be resolved, check to see if your points have now registered.


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