Atlas Event Change Schedule

Hey all,

In case you guys didn’t see it in your in-game inbox, just a reminder, we’ll be changing up our event schedule.

Since we often release our app updates on Tuesdays in Pacific Time, we decided to change our event release schedule to avoid having Glory Hunt events running on these days. With the shields up, and as we wait for all players to install the latest version of the game, we believe that keeping this event from falling on these days ensures a less disruptive gameplay experience.

Starting February 4, Glory Hunt and Training Camp will run over the weekend and Troop Training will take place during the week. Please note, we will run the Glory Hunt event back-to-back on January 31st to February 3, and February 4 to February 6. If there are any questions or concerns, let us know.


Very nice change! Glory hunting on weekends sounds like a lot more fun, thanks for this :grin:


Good change overall. However, running glory events back to back at the changeover is going to require a lot of reviving outside of the troop event.

Atlas event calendar


Thank you very much!!!

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This change is certainly good and Im glad to see it done. However Im not a fan of how they’re doing it. I would much rather see them doing it during Troop Training and do two back-to-back troop events. We can still get glory during troop training and get points for healing those troops. With 2 glory events we’re going to need to heal a lot of troops during the first one in order to participate in the 2nd. That gold and hats that could be going towards building troops will need to go towards healing instead or spending more diamonds and bullhorns to make up for it.

They could instead make Feb 1st -3rd another troop event and then FFG on the 4th.


Awesome change - many thanks :slight_smile: