Atlas Event Guide

Is there an Atlas event schedule? Normally regular game is mini, pvp, mini. Is there an order? What days do events fall on?

It’s normally attack for glory - build (troops/gear) - attack - build

Thank you! Any specific date? Like events start wed for regular

Usually Sunday Thursday.

And mostly atlas pvp during normal minor (fort breed) and atlas rider lvl and gear up during normal major

Since you have Atlas and I am only 2 day into it ( joined a team with Beta) What advise can you give me as a newbie on this coming event? Any advise would be extremely appreciated and I will be very grateful :angel: :smile:

Brand new event thats never been done before so not much advice.

Be selfish about troops. They the most valuable commodity in Atlas.

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I read your guide for Atlas. Thank you for it and thank you for the advice on troops.


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