Atlas Event Information


Hey guys, Atlas noob here. I’m building my own in-game guide in my team wiki, yes I’m aware that sounds like it’s not gonna work out but my team has been finding the information I’m putting together useful as I myself am learning atlas.

I’ve been asked to add an event section and only having personal knowledge of 3 events and hearing about more I figured I would go to forums to learn more but it seems like there’s to many threads to sift through and find out.

If someone could tell me what the current events are besides: training primarchs and riders, training troops, and forging, and if the name of the event isn’t self explanatory for what to do in it could you add a short description please?

I’m making a guide in my team wiki because my team is having issues accessing the guide I put together on line or they won’t go there, and they don’t go to forums either. So I’m making it easy access if they so choose.


Those are the only events that are in the current rotation.


Oh okay cool thanks, I just heard a bunch of threads on kingpin and some stuff about ships and saw some images on google images and wanted to learn more but not look through all the complaint threads to figure it out, much appreciated :hugs:


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