Atlas event rewards extension

Is it possible to add more rewards in the atlas events?

The current max prize is already achieved in day 2-3 and the other days you are getting nothing extra for the effort you put in. De

This counts for all atlas events IMO.

If you want to close the gap between weaker and stronger teams, make the prizes in prim training events WAY higher.

All the high teams have got maxed prims and will not get a whole lot of points as for the weaker player will have allot of opportunities to get a decent score.

My 5 cents :+1:t2:


Might want to change price and prices to prize and prizes. The way it is looks like you’re asking for the players’ cost to be raised. Otherwise, I totally agree.

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Editted! Thanks :woozy_face::grin:

I know every one has busy lives, but it is okay to chat in here and share your opinions for a brief second … :eyes:

I think this is valid.

This is an absolutely terribly idea. The whole event is already as bad as feeding was, punishing people for being active in the game, and you actually want to make it worse.

If you want people to catch up just discount prim tiers. And get rid of an event that promotes not playing the game.

Well in my opinion it would actually promote playing the game as you give the “former slackers” a hand-out to be able to catch up.

The only way to give lower/weaker players a benefit and a reason to keep playing is to offer them a solution the stronger can not use.