Atlas event rewards


Nobody wants 1 hr timers in the prizes. The 12 hours were awesome but we’ve seemed to have taken a step backwards. The prizes honestly made me me want to participate in the Atlas more. Now it’s kind of feeling like I was tricked a little.


Have to agree. The 12 hour timers made you work more as a team to help each other get better prizes


@pgdave worst thing is you said that beta prizes will get BETTER !!! with the 3.7x update that would mean all timers are 12 hour timers now look at this crap… how is that better???


Excuse me, are you guys talking about the amount of timers?
Because the timer itself doesn’t matter. It’s the same if I get 12x 1h clocks or 1x 12h clock.


Since we’re talking about Atlas rewards, would it be possible to get egg tokens into the mix for a few of the beta events? They’re nearly as much of a problem as clocks (or moreso for those stuck in Sapphire). I’m sure they’d be a popular addition based on discussions I’ve had.


I very much support this since the merchants were taken out of the world map where we could purchase tokens with scales.


I’d like to get tokens into the mix too. Maybe for the next major glory event? That’ll start on week from Thursday (not this week … we’re going to run build ships longer than usual and shift the schedule overall one week so that Fight Pits can debut this week without players needing to worry about two combat-related events going on at once!)


Sounds good to me–and agree with your thinking on the event schedule. Don’t need to be scrambling to do a beta PvP on top of a brand new main game PvP event :sweat_smile:


Build ships will run for about 8 more days (!). To all our new Atlas players, normally it runs only for 4 days but this time around we’re running it longer so that Fight Pits can get your full attention :).


Really :flushed::man_facepalming:t2:

Last dragon rider leveling event gave 400x 12h Timers. I don’t see 4800 x 1 hours after update


:thinking:, @Pgdave can you also check the individual prizes, at some point as you goes up the tier prizes it suddenly drops down? Not only the timers but also the shards.


It’s the same like that last event. Some higher tiers give less rewards than the tiers before them. I’m curious about this as well


Prize tiers rewards depend on the incremental points since the previous tiers. Some tiers are closer together, and thus easier to achieve, and thus provide fewer rewards. Normally we try to make each successive tier a little more challenging, but the current params are a little off in that regard. It’s something we’ll tweak in the future so things make a little more sense / follow our usual pattern.


I’m curious what the metrics are for both events. I think you can hardly compare the dragon rider/prim leveling event with a troop building event without knowing how PG measures success or event points to translate that into prizes.
But I agree the amount of timers from both events seem to be very far away from each other.
I’m sure @PGDave can shed some light on this.


I think the simple, candid answer is that glory prizes were easier to achieve than they should’ve been. Something awry with the calculations for how hard glory is to earn. Hopefully it will be correctly balanced next time. Glory and troop training are pretty different in that the latter is hard to ‘save up for’ like the other upgrade-style events. I’ve been toying with the idea of making revives worth more points (i.e., make them relatively more valuable than new troops) so that ‘save up’ is better possible in this event too (though gold can be saved up, so maybe it’s fine as is … somewhat similar to core fortification events).


Off topic but what about gold? Almost all our infrastructure is maxed out. What do we do with the excess? Will the limit ever be raised on these?


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My read of this is that your team has outgrown their region. It’s time for you to set your signs on a castle in a better region which is more your size.


Yeah, I think we will take down Dread this weekend and maybe NMO next week. :roll_eyes: