Atlas event scoring

Something is wrong with the scoring in this atlas event.

Diamond and Saphire teams that have been in atlas since day one and who have access to the highest level poachers on the map are in the very bottom 400, while platinum teams with very low activity and no land, who have access only to neutral zone poachers, are in the top 50. It makes no sense. And since the previous event is supposed to seed the current one, why are some of the teams that placed in the top 20 of the crafting event and are ranked top 25 in global influence at the very bottom of the groupings and the scoreboard?

I wrote a ticket about this and the response I got was not that they’d look into it, but that they’re sorry the top teams in the game are getting trounced by a low-active teams that just got atlas, and that we should hit more poachers. :joy:

Allllrighty then…

You are new to Atlas I’d guess? A lot of higher ranking teams only do selective events. This event doesn’t really matter what land and territory you own (for the most part), but how many poachers a team attacks.

Often, new teams are very excited for the new experience and attack more poachers, hence better points.

Nothing is broken I don’t think.

Lol no. We are one of the original 52 beta test teams who have had atlas for well over a year, ranked 27 in global influence. Are you new?

Team points in this event are based on conquering poachers, with the higher level poachers giving more points (supposedly).

Most of the new teams can’t possibly have access to the higher level poachers in the red zones near the center of the map, so the land you own and the areas you have access to do matter quite sigificantly.

Teams showing in the bottom 100: BetWeAreButter, PeaceNLove, Madhatters, SantoDracones, Yautjaprime, EvilConduct, Dsylexic, RoyalRoad, GhostlandTW, Siege, FamousFryer, DarkAsylum, LeapLink, Mem0ries, Vietnampro, Dragongasm, Italiaelite, TantricAlchemy, AdamantxForce, AncientsAscent, DeadlyChaos, AbandonAllHope, TexasFireballs, Fortified, AbuzementPark, TheWendol, 1stNightFury, Fortified, HotTubParty, SpearmintRhino — most of whom have access to many high level poachers, and almost all of whom have been top 100 in almost every atlas event ever.

Are you suggesting all of these top-ranked teams just suddenly went to sleep and are being radically outplayed by platinum 3 teams that don’t even list as Very Active, and who only have access to lower level poachers? Or that all the top ranked teams just stopped hitting poachers during an atlas event?

Don’t take offense, I assumed based on your comments, and was wrong.

[quote=“Rimbaudtox, post:3, topic:47592”]
Team points in this event are based on conquering poachers, with the higher level poachers giving more points (supposedly).

You’re correct, but wrong at the same time. I’m not going to explain as I’ll let your team figure it out.

These last few days have also been a very hectic day for top teams with the expansion. The event isn’t being prioritized by many at this time.

Refer to Answer above and in original response.

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I know people on most of these teams and expansion has nothing to do with it. Everyone I’ve talked to has said they are hitting poachers as much if not more than ever.

You may be correct. I’m just giving you feedback as I can tell you my teams strategy is working as it has in the past.

Who knows, it’s PG.

The answer is simple.

  • Team Points are awarded on Primarch Kills, not hits.
  • High Level Regions contain Primarchs which take many more hits (x4-5) to kill than Low Level Regions.
  • High Level Regions are split up among allies, so the poacher are shared, and kills are diluted.
  • At low levels, if you own all 4 castles in a level 2 region, and a dozen players can wipe the poachers over and over and over again.

This is why low influence teams always rank highest in this event.


also, one thing people forget is “how quickly you kill a poacher after spawning” influences the point scaling.

Unless you have 30 + members on at the same time taking out lvl 4 poachers instantly, they are slow and reap poor rewards.


dont u think he knows that?
i mean… he is in one of the 52 beta teams… err… :shushing_face::joy::joy:

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