Atlas Event shielding?

I vaguely remember seeing a post about this.
I’ve been told several times that while atlas event is running, if a pvp event starts (as it did today) that nobody can attack anybody.

  1. is this true?
  2. if this is the case, what is the point of the atlas event since you must attack to get points?
  3. why are my safe zone islands also shielded?
  4. And why can we not transfer our troops from safe zone garrison to our primarchs while this shield is up?

We’ve been stuck and unable to get anything to work for hours now and it just struck me that maybe it has something to do with what I was told about pvp events blocking the atlas.

You can attack in No Mans Land (red areas), poachers, and mines; attacking at poachers and mines was changed mid-way the previous pvp event. The fourth is possibly due to opposing teams being on it as well, might be an unintended side effect… @PGDave @pgEcho

I don’t think hitting on mine is possible

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I followed the guide GOX posted (rather unintenally)
When I went to no mans land I attacked but while I was attacking, I would get sneak attacked by a different player at the same time.
My attack wouldn’t count for GP but would only get tiny GP from who attacked me.

What pisses me off is I had 15 troops on a taunter, all got slaughtered by levels smaller than me for their total of 4K troops… and I only got 4K GP total…

That’s a ridiculous amount of troops for such tiny GP that can’t come close to leveling a level 6 taunter

We haven’t successfully killed on poachers or mines in enemy land, but we did in no mans land

We got killed and we killed some on poachers today. But not on mines

When you get killed before you kill the other guy, your attack won’t count. It sucks the most when you use Sieger to hit

As in you can’t attack or just haven’t had a chance to? If it’s can’t, then it changed from last time O.o

Echo’s post + confirmation afterwards:

Haven’t tried on mines yet. Will try later

I was able to attack someone on a poacher in their lands when a taunter wasn’t on an island in that map area. If there is a taunter in that map area, it forces me to attack the taunter which kills no troops, provides no glory and does not allow me to attack the player i wanted. Since the taunter is sitting on a shielded base it is protected and its taunting protection covers that entire map area.

The taunter should only affect the specific location it is at (e.g., one castle or one mine or …). It’s a bug that it’s covering more territory; we’ll work on a fix.

Neutral transferring issues can probably be fixed in a hot patch. We’re looking into it now.

@Nooks420 Like the breeding event, you can also get points by saving up glory to spend during the event. Attacking poachers and mines also gives event points. PvP isn’t strictly required, though if obviously it is required if you want to get more glory … we’ll be testing not triggering event shields in the future as pgEcho has suggested and see how it plays out (no changes during this event).

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@pgdave the taunter was on an island and I was on a poacher trying to attack someone that had a fighter as a primarch.

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Thanks for the details. We’re working on it as we speak.

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