Atlas Event Switch

Proposition: Introduce a glory-based Atlas event in lieu of the Primarch event.

It seems fair to say that we’ve reached a point where the primarch training event is more of a nuisance than a positive. This proposal aims to solve this problem by introducing a new glory event, improving overall Atlas conditions, eliminating barriers to prim progression, and defrays the demand for more primarch levels to score well in the event. Aside from that, a spaced-out glory-based event urges players to obtain glory in regular intervals, regardless of having maxed the Atlas season. This will reduce stagnancy, while also encouraging all players to hunt for glory more regularly.

Also, let me have it on record that this should be COMPLEMENTARY to the Atlas season, NOT a substitute.


If you think about it, prim event can be compared to feeding event. It slows down progression and makes it more frustrating. Players who max prims quickly hold back on leveling their riders and new tier prims to ensure that they manage to get points in the event, and considering that we get that event approximately once every 2 weeks, just imagine how long it’ll actually take to finish maxing your prims if you JUST stick to leveling in the actual event. Similarly, imagine the horror a player that’s new to Atlas would feel upon seeing so many prim tiers and levels to catch up on to be more competitive, and realising that it’s best for them to wait for that specific event. The way I see it, it’s a lose-lose situation.

Of course, there’s always people that’ll go beyond the maximum obtainable points in the event, but my proposal eliminates the issue of players having the very tough choice of either maxing the prim event consistently (but living with mediocre prims for extended time periods), or missing out on so many timers and resources for choosing to have strong prims (and in the process, tanking their prim events). Some may say that ‘it’s the cost of staying at the top’, but staying competitive should not mean that people hinder their progression in other ways.

Moreover, because primarch levels are finite, sooner or later, we ALL hit the rut of 0 points in prim events due to maxed out prims and the unavailability of a new tier.

It’s also worth adding that waiting 2 weeks to level a rider for points can be inconvenient if the wait coincides with new tower levels and people needing said rider to give a boost to their main dragons – it renders those people less competitive than others in regards to maximum flying potential. To give a personal example of what I really mean, waiting 2 weeks to level Xandra meant that I was slower than others in Atlas due to rage discrepancy – a problem that was fixed by that very rider once I DID get to level it.

For all the reasons I listed above, I really believe the prim event should be canned, so people can just level their riders and prims on their own agenda.


From my understanding, there used to be a sort of similar event to what I’m about to propose (the Kingpin event). It was before I got Atlas so I only heard of it but didn’t actually play it, but I’m told it was popular.

For those that don’t know what that event is, it was an event where you hit things similar to poachers (called Kingpins) and obtained glory, but got 0 revives.

What I’m proposing is a bit different – for the event to be based on earning glory for points, without providing an additional means to do so (like via kingpins back in the day), which should encourage alternative means of obtaining glory, where killing other players’ troops is involved.

Proposed Numbers

If the prize thresholds were to stay the same as prim event’s current prizes, I propose for each 1 glory earned to give 3 points in the event, which would mean that you’d require 248k glory to max the event. In my opinion, 248k glory in 3 days is a fair amount – it would take around 22 attacks to achieve that if you get the maximum glory possible for all the attacks. It would probably be an unfair assumption if I say it would be 7.5k troops lost vs 15k troops killed every single attack, so instead I’ll go with 8k vs 15k - given that the person gets 5F for every attack, and has an empty revive bin coming out of troop training, this would mean that they end up with 158.4k revives ready for the next troop training event once they max this glory-based event.

For further reference, that would be a maxed out revive bin for a level 368, so anyone level 368 or above wouldn’t even need to revive any troops during the glory event to max it out, and those below that most likely wouldn’t need to revive much during the event. Therefore, technically, it wouldn’t be a very ‘resource intensive’ event, and once again it would leave people well prepared with revives for the following event without doing all the work for them, as it takes around 227k revives to max a troop training event, so this event won’t take away from people needing to attack during troop training too for revives.

N.B: The formula for calculating each individual’s revival bin limit is: 300 * player level + 48,000

For what it’s worth though, it would also be smart to add some bullhorns to the prizes for this event to further encourage obtaining glory beyond having a maxed Atlas season, as it provides an incentive to replenish some bullhorns after all Atlas season prizes have been claimed, or lowers the cost of maxing this event for those that can’t fully handle maxing the event without reviving troops to clear up space.


There are many reasons why this switch would be beneficial – both to the player base AND PG. To name a few:

  • In a 3 month Atlas season, we’d get atleast 6 of these events – which would mean 1,488,000 glory earned in the season if people only stick to getting glory during these events. This is nearly enough to get 1 mythic branch, but would also mean that people would have to work harder if they want to max the Atlas season, so the Atlas season still retains its value.
  • This event would encourage people to obtain more glory, even if they maxed the Atlas season, just for the extra rewards from the event.
  • The event will be an easy and favourable method to encourage more Atlas activity, which will decrease stagnancy.
  • We manage to have better balanced Atlas events as this event would complement the troop training event, while also providing a permanent way for people to get points to max the event, versus temporary means that are contingent upon when PG releases new prim tiers or riders.

Overall, I believe this would be a positive change in regards to Atlas events, and I hope the community shares my sentiment. I’d really love to hear what the community has to say and what improvements can be made! I just ask that people remain constructive, and hopefully are kind when giving feedback. :slight_smile:

@PGNines @PGMichael would appreciate you guys considering this, or @PGGalileo would appreciate if you can get this to the Atlas team.


I like this, replace prim leveling with glory farming event. And don’t give points for castle guards, only for troops killed. Sounds like a straight up win, and not very hard to implement.


Who’s PGMichael?

I was told he’s head of the Atlas team, not sure whether or not that changed though

Big fan!
Oh and the proposal is great too :wink:
I personally don’t like having to wait to level things just to get more timers, counter intuitive just like the feeding event.

Looking at cadence’s you can pretty much code it to be during non PvP weeks as well. Which I think would be important for this. And then you can say guards are at 25% (simply because you don’t want to penalize people trying a castle takeover and trying to kill 2m plus guards and getting nothing. Not 100% because that can be easily guard swapped)

Overall 9.99999/10 :wink::joy:


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

This did cross my mind but I didn’t include it in the proposal because it delves more into specifics when this is aimed more as an outline :smiley: But definitely agree that it can be coded that way by shifting event starts and ends to actually be consistent rather than what their current state is


Like you wrote, the risk of abuse is too important imho. You would still get glory which counts towards the whole season. Also, the reward in a castle takeover is the castle. Lastly, the underlying idea is to kill more live troops to prevent stagnancy


At a 25% return on troops that is enough of a deterrent. The reward of the takeover isn’t enough because you can get through 1.5m guards then suddenly their entire 100000ta (slight exaggeration here) shows up and you end up empty handed. This happens way more often than you think, so getting that little in return I think is important

I think this is a fantastic idea. Though I’m no slouch in Atlas, I’m far from a top performer, and all of my prims have been maxed for months, such that I miss out on the prim event prizing as a penalty for being active. Given where I am on the kill leader board, there are surely over a thousand of the game’s most active players who are in the same boat.

My selfishness aside, I think this would be excellent motivation for players to get out there and actually Atlas, rather than sitting on their duffs and relying exclusively on swaps to fill their hospitals. More players would realize engaging in battles and sniping can actually be fun, increase activity levels and reduce stagnation.

I’d agree to castles guards being worth zero, as the point would be to engage in PvP battles. To forestall the use of swapping to gain points, I would also suggest that no points be awarded for NML battles and that there be a limit to the points that can be obtained from hitting the same player (else swap could be arranged at a friendly castle). And yes, there will always be ways to circumvent (have whole teams show up at a castles for a fake battle), but that’s no different from folks swapping to fill their hospitals just before the troop training event.

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Great proposal and very well articulated. 2 thumbs up from me

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This idea is fantastic, well thought out and much needed! It would reward those who are active in atlas instead of the current event, which essentially punishes them because they miss out on prizes due to having maxed prims. I’d love to see this implemented in the near future. And, as more and more people join the “maxed prim” club, the demand for this will only grow.


please remove rider and prim event with a different event @PGGalileo we need something is this isnt cool we max our prims and have constantly have had to get 0 points

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I love this idea. It adds a mechanic that actively encourages players of all levels and Atlas experience to get out there and Atlas without being overwhelmed, they can bite off as much as they can chew and learn Atlas stuff in the mean time.

I also appreciate being able to earn points in an event that I have been unable to for four months. Comparing primarch event to feeding is right on the mark imo.


I like this idea a lot! My only concern would be when it would overlap with pvp. I hate just killing in NML.

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This is probably one of the best proposals I’ve seen in a really LONG time!

If it is looked at and considered it will definitely get people’s interest and spice atlas up. It doesn’t sound difficult to implement either.


This was also my idea lol :rofl: I was gonna post it but was still thinking about the cadence . The prime event starts during last hours of an event and ends at the first 24h of the next Big event .

Good job @FieryxFury

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I’ve been working hard on it for a couple days now, tweaking things here and there and figuring out the right time to post :joy: Your comment earlier helped pave the way!

As for cadence, if this were to be implemented (fingers crossed), I really think the best fix would be to fix event start/end times so this never coincides with pvp bubbles

Nice . When I read you had something planned to post I was relieved :rofl: great minds think alike :kissing_heart::blush::yum:

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The timeframe would be shorter . I would propose a different solution. Change the cadence to :

During Event - TROOP EVENT
During Event - TROOP EVENT

Keep the same duration as it is now for all events , but change the cadence , let the troop event overlap between two events .

What I see positive : people will have troop event in a period when they can farm/ revive
And Glory Event during forti/breeding event only .

Just my 2 cents

Also I believe @PGEggToken is the one to tag for your post . I am sure be reads them all .


If I’m not wrong, events currently last 74 hours and have a 5 hour period before the next one starts, which means that eventually the glory event may creep into pvp, but as long as timings are standardised in the way you suggested, it shouldn’t be a problem :grin:

I stand corrected, disregard - Zamirathe’s event start/end time spreadsheet states event times, so Eff’s cadence suggestion would be ideal :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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