Atlas Event Thread - New rhythm proposed

Hopefully, this is not a repeat thread. I’ve searched and see nothing else with same intent.

Main Game finally has a rhythm. Atlas needs a rhythm and troops every other event is not a rhythm - its an eye roll. It hurts. It’s painful.

Old rhythm with new glory event made waiting on regular event painful because of having troops every other event. This put six weeks between main events. There were way too many too long troop events.

I do see the new time line posted so I am going to try to work with that for the following suggestions. I see the logic in the time line, but I think it needs some adjusting and here is how and why:


Main Events:

Glory/troop build combined. It only makes sense to build troops when you are actively killing them. Troop building by itself is too slow, too expensive, too tedious, and TOO boring. Or if you are going to keep them separate, the order needs to be adjusted so that Troop building happens Monday 6 pm Pacific Time through Friday 2am PT, and Glory starts when the (quick) breeding and fort events are done (in usually thirty minutes) for most players Fri 6am PT through Monday 2pm.

This is important for two reasons: 1) some people still work M-F/ kids in school, go to school… and back to back intensive events leave no room for us to rotate through real life. I know - boring but true. 2) More importantly I’m sure, Atlas heavy players can obsess with the glory event after the majority of breeding and fortification are done OVER THE WEEKEND. Then troop building again until PvP in main game starting Wed/Thursday.

If we are fighting for glory, we should be able to spend the glory and get benefit. Let there be prizes for prim leveling during the glory event to make it worth it instead of taking that away. The prim are working their butts off, let them earn their glory and parade!!

Crafting Gear - GREAT MAIN EVENT that should be in regular rotation. Crafting gear more often is tremendously helpful because it takes so long to level up elite gear. I make gear all the time and level it up during the event because of the cost benefit for the prizes. It’s useless to wait for the crafting event to make gear. If this is going to happen every other week now, then YAY!! It’s also great to have during PVP because it is less intensive, so has the mirror effect of glory during breeding/fortification.

Rider Leveling (Now Training Camp)- Great MAIN EVENT that should be in regular rotation. Suggestion: This I can see being combined with crafting (as you did) and placed on your time line at Friday 6am Pacific Time through Monday at 2pm where you currently have Troop training during PvP. It can be short and sweet, doesn’t take much time away from PvP. Push the troop training (if you must - terrible by itself) to the Training Camp slot. Literally, every Atlas event gets pushed up a slot in comparison to Main game events. Hopefully, that makes sense.

Frustration: However, Atlas does not offer enough riders per season. We get one rider and 3-4 types of gear - for one rider. Really? That is not helpful. Also, main game riders are useless in Atlas because they don’t earn glory, so why would I ever get another main game rider? They don’t help me with Atlas. They kind of help me with the base, but if I want a dragon rider, I really only want one that earns glory. My main game riders are designated mission riders now because I see no other true value. Either allow main game riders to earn glory, or give us more Atlas riders to level up especially if you are going to make an event focusing on them without the prim. OR give us another way to craft or earn shards for them. I have 2 great incomplete main game riders - that don’t earn glory that I will eventually have to replace but that will take 2 complete Atlas seasons - ridiculous.

Short and sweet:

Training Camp is an interesting concept that I did NOT see coming. Opinion on hold.

Prim leveling could be fine except that in the old rhythm it was every 6 weeks - terrible. Try giving us the benefit of prim leveling during the glory events.

Mostly - keep the timeline but push troop building where Glory and Crafting are and vice versa. Glory event is exhausting where it is in comparison to what else is on the timeline and real life is real.

One last thing - points for hitting castle guard is a terrible idea. Even with a strong team, we don’t have enough real life time to watch castles 8 days a week to guard against pirate snipers that now have more motivation. The game is getting tedious and not fun with this respect.

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Drop your castles lol
No body forcing you to guard them.

The only thing I want to bring up from this post is, yes would be nice if we had the glory event in the weekend.

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Yes, please :confounded::pray::pray::pray: A lot of people don’t have prims fully upgraded yet :raising_hand_woman: I just got a Silver Trapper, lol :sweat_smile:

Prim upgrading uses up a lot of rss and without the rewards from prim training, it will eat more into diamond supplies and timers. Prizes from other events are used elsewhere. Diamonds from Troop training are mainly used to revive troops and diamonds from the glory event are used to build troops.

Someone already made a suggestion to lower gold costs and eliminate prim training times. I think it would be great if prims didn’t use timers :dog: :orange_heart:

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This would make a lot of sense and cater to both endgame players with every prim levelled that usually are more active in Atlas, as well as everyone else.


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