Atlas Expansion and Team Rollout! April 2018


Was curious of this as well…


You will only have to give an arm and a leg. Once pg has collected any deeds to estate they will let us back in :joy: otherwise a normal restart of device did it last time when I got atlas


Does anyone know about what time today Atlas will be dropped on us that don’t have it yet?


After all of the issues people are having with the most recent update, I am starting to worry that the rollout won’t drop for us today. A confirmation that the rollout is still on would be super helpful @pgEcho


It’s still morning in California! I’d say by event end.


I think the new team will have access once they update to 4.20

4.20 comes in on tuesday and its only monday 12:10 PM PST


They specifically said Monday April 9th… separate from update.


Per OP


maybe after event? let’s just wait for their updates on this one.


Yeah, as I mentioned above, it would be preferred for them to deploy after the event…especially if restarting or rebooting is involved.


I’m sure nobody will care, but if you actually get it on the day targeted (today) that would be a huge improvement over the release my team was added in.

I’m not sure if it will be today or not, but I do know it’s lunch time in the US west coast right now, and the soonest I’d expect to get it or hear anything would be In a few hours (around the time events typically start) due to it being after lunch to allow for support to deal with the massive influx of tickets and questions.


We are going to be releasing 4.20 in the app store tomorrow. We are going to delay the rollout of the new teams until tomorrow. When you upgrade to 4.20 new teams will gain access. Thanks for your continued patience.


Thanks for the update.


@pgEcho thanks for letting us know that v4.20 is being released tomorrow. Would you be able to confirm the exact time the team glory will be calculated by PG based on the # of live troops tomorrow? We’d like to get a ballpark info if exact time is not yet known. Asking because the team glory calculation may not coincide 100% with the actual availability of the v4.20 on the appstores.

Thank you!


Good point…
Could end up being a blessing in disguise


I think so too.


Still better then not having it at all…

So consider yourself lucky :wink:


I wonder how high the servers will be tomorrow… :rofl:



So…wait for the coast is clear before inducing atlas stress tomorrow?